crustal movement

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movement resulting from or causing deformation of the earth's crust

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Crustal movements on Shikoku, southwestern Japan, inferred from inversion analysis of levelling data using ABIC, Tectonophysics 257: 239-252.
At the contract signing ceremony held on March 27, Li Qiang, director of Crustal Movement Monitoring Research Center of CEA, said, "The cooperation with Topcon on CMONOC project is just the starting point for both sides, we look forward to further strengthening communication and cooperation with Topcon in the future.
We are extremely pleased to be working with Trimble on the CMONOC project," said Li Qiang, director of Crustal Movement Monitoring Research Center.
According to the agency, the decreasing crustal movement was detected from the middle of last month.
The government's Geographical Survey Institute said Wednesday it has observed abnormal crustal movements using the global positioning system (GPS) and it cannot rule out the possibility of heralding a strong earthquake in the Tokai region of central Japan.
The agency said the islands could be hit by more quakes with strong tremors in the future as the crustal movement caused by the rise in magma continues.
Such observations may help in predicting the place of eruptions in volcanoes, if data on quakes and crustal movement are examined as well, Notsu said.
It will contribute to calculating the amount and direction of crustal movements in Abu Dhabi and associating them to the seismic activity study in the region.
In addition, the network is used to monitor the earth's crustal movements to aid in the research of seismic activity in Japan.
The plaintiffs, mainly residents of Shiga Prefecture just south of Fukui Prefecture, insist that the Tsuruga plant is built on a site with a fault below it and a severe accident could strike it in the event of crustal movements.
Liu Jie, a researcher with the China Earthquake Network Center said that the crustal movements of the earth had been active recently but, judging over a period of time, they were in a normal condition.
In addition, the distribution and amount of displacement of the identified surface fault roughly corresponded to the those of crustal movements during the earthquake analyzed from satellite observations, as well as to the under-ground rupture process that was analyzed from seismic waves.
JR Tokai has also developed a new quake detection and warning system that can swiftly locate even the smallest crustal movements at the initial stage of an earthquake and stop all trains in operation.
Current or paleotopography and evolution of P-T conditions through time describe vertical crustal movements during orogenesis as well as the movement of heat through the crust.
The agency said Tuesday's eruption does not signal a big increase in the volcanic activity, as it had not observed any abnormal crustal movements or volcanic earthquakes.