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Synonyms for crustaceous

of or belonging to the class Crustacea


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It is important to highlight that the obtaining of chitin from byproducts of crustaceous industrialization is hardly used in Brazil which may be considered a waste due to the great quantity of these species on the Brazilian coast.
Clinical examination revealed crustaceous lesions on head, ear pinna, legs, around genitalia and over dorsal surface with brownish discharge (Fig.
It is hard to reconcile the hands that produced the sensitive, crustaceous vessels of earlier times with bright teapots housing a shiny bunch of flowers or the glossy, taut female torsos.
Experiments with artificial reefs show four seral stages: colonization by small annuals and crustaceous algae at the pioneer stage, crustose algae at the early stage, small perennials at the late stage, and Eisenia bicyclis and fucoid beds at the climax stage (Taniguchi 1996, Nakabayashi & Taniguchi 2003).
Such ruptures are starker in the three "Laughing Philosopher" images of 2010, fields of inky silk, their moire patterning reminiscent of wood grain, onto each of which is threaded a decaying head, its bulging eye sockets, rotting flesh, and crustaceous protuberances limned in ornate, silken gold handiwork worthy of haute couture.