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Synonyms for crustaceous

of or belonging to the class Crustacea


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The spot was crustaceous but the ollie had to be done.
Additionally, H2O Audio has expanded its sponsorship support of Volcom Stone's Totally Crustaceous 2005 - 2006 VQS World Championship Season to cover all scheduled tour events.
It is also notable for originating from the first fishery in the world to be certified by the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) for its crustaceous output.
Description of the Argulus Catostomi, a new parasitic Crustaceous animal, (with figures).
The crustaceous and craggy surfaces of My Cup Runneth Over and Underworld illuminate the need for careful and contemplative observance by the viewer.
Volcom's Totally Crustaceous World Surfing Championships wrap-up the 2004/2005 season with regional events held in California, Texas, Florida, and Hawaii, along with select International locations.