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Synonyms for crushing

forceful prevention

physically or spiritually devastating


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Crushingly, the woman believes her two teenage children would be better off if their beloved mother was dead.
This novel was very well-written and expressed, crushingly suspenseful, with short, sharp sentences when describing things.
WITH an unsympathetic central character, a hammy performance at its heart and a crushingly rote final act, there's very little to like about Richard Gere's latest movie.
Mine's a Fitbit, his is a Garmin, so to avoid confusion let's call them crushingly boring navel-gazing gadgets because these are the days of self-obsession and self-analysis.
A time-traveling empath, he uses story to call us to look beyond ourselves to what can root us and give our lives meaning in a world that can seem crushingly cold and cruel.
In a response to an earlier criticism from Campbell-Cloyd over her decision to move her husband to the facility, Kim Campbell told the AP, ''It is crushingly sad to see him afflicted with Alzheimer's but indulging those feelings does not help him.
It's crushingly fast, offers the keen driver real options at the wheel, yet can trundle up a motorway while showing better than 45mpg on the computer.
Having listened to his effort, the real crime of Mike Read's deathless ditty is not that it is either racial or distasteful as much as crushingly unfunny" Actor Michael Simkins, left, on the former DJ's controversial Ukip Calypso.
As we enter the realm of the crushingly predictable - Ice Cube puts Hart through the mill when he takes him on patrol - the film just serves as a reminder that a little does not go a long way.
SEBASTIAN Vettel expressed his sadness at the end of what has been a crushingly dominant, record-breaking campaign.
Crushingly So it pains me to say this was the worstever series opener.
A crushingly heavy dub groove rumbled in the background as the band sang the booming chorus as a group harmony.
Bulgaria's ombudsman has fueled fears that the European Commission is about to issue a crushingly critical report over the country's alleged failure to reform its courts, reduce corruption, and fight organized crime.
Sufferers often develop crushingly low self-esteem and become withdrawn.
is arrested "without having done anything wrong," Elkin's novel functions as a manifestation of his own pessimism: Leo Feldman is revealed to be far from a model citizen, and, crushingly, redemption is nowhere to be found within the labyrinthine, constantly-changing prison system.