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Synonyms for crushing

forceful prevention

physically or spiritually devastating


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The band serve up crushingly heavy rock riffs, stomping grooves, driving beats and guttural vocals.
Its subject is that of the fate of men faced with the deprivations, cruelties, and absurdities of army life--men striving to retain a sense of their own dignity and humanity in a system crushingly indifferent to even the most basic of human needs.
Faced with enormous financial debt incurred by the universally acclaimed but crushingly expensive 1996 production of The Harlem Nutcracker, he was forced to suspend operations of his company, Donald Byrd/The Group, last June.
His insights into his crushingly dull yet cheerfully absurd life make my own bearable.
Klein and Reid's inspiration comes from such far-flung sources as American diner china, antique Asian celadons, and Dutch tulipieres, which inspired their crushingly elegant series of rose bowls and tulip vases.
In other words, the movement is, in the case of this par ticular phenomenon, away from the decorous solar-powered sex of the Incarnation to the crushingly mundane involvement of the earth.
The letters show that, despite the communal, collaborative work he did with the Socialist Workers Party, the Workers Party, and finally his own organization, the Johnson-Forrest Tendency, and despite the ways he mentored Webb toward a more progressive life, James can only imagine and enact a crushingly conventional relationship with the woman he loves.
We went as healthy young men, in our mid to late thirties, never thinking that cancer would attack us as ferociously and crushingly as it cut down Bill.
And as the 1994 election made crushingly clear, nearly all of the traditional Southern fixations on race, conservative values, and white resentment have now become those of the rest of the nation.
Predominantly state-owned local champion Triglav remains by far the largest player, but it is not crushingly dominant.
HISTORY and drama are frequent bedfellows and the offspring can be prodigiously successful or crushingly tiresome.
Any enemies' possible aggressions against Iran will be responded crushingly by the country's armed forces," Brigadier General Esmayeeli said on Friday.
I remember when stringent 'closing times' were crushingly frustrating.
It is crushingly sad to see him afflicted with Alzheimer's but indulging those feelings does not help him,'' Campbell wrote, adding, ''I am his wife and no one wants him home more than me but I must do what is in his best interest.
Crushingly, the odds on a Rory, Monty and Scott treble were 3,072/1, meaning a [euro]5 punt would have bagged [euro]18,780.