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rock fragments and pebbles

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To study the effect of stabilizing additives on physical and mechanical characteristics of crushed stonemastic asphalt concrete we tested the samples prepared with the use of granite crushed stone of 5-10 mm fractions produced at Novopavlovsk ore-dressing and processing plant and screened sand of 0-5 mm fractions produced at Pavlovsk granite quarry.
In addition to the top volume operators in sand & gravel and crushed stone production, Rock Products magazine published "The Rock 100" in May 2012.
This came after a high level of radiation was found in a condominium in Nihonmatsu, whose foundation is made of concrete containing crushed stones collected from a quarry inside the evacuation zone near the utility's crisis-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
FUKUSHIMA, Japan - The number of houses and condominiums confirmed to have been built using radiation-contaminated crushed stone quarried near the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has reached around 60 in Fukushima Prefecture, government sources said Sunday.
Other environmental devastation includes procuring crushed stone for Mumbai's ever growing concrete jungle from the hills, part of the Western Ghats, at Navi Mumbai, which were green until recently.
He estimated fixing the problem would cost $25,000 to put down a 3/4-inch asphalt cover atop the crushed stone.
As part of the effort, the area's cracked asphalt and broken cobblestone will be replaced with a new crushed stone surface.
Concrete is masked by the crushed stone of the paths, and smooth, rounded carefully graded stones round the bases of the rods.
Vulcan Materials Company, a member of the S&P 500 Index, is the nation's foremost producer of construction aggregates: primarily crushed stone, sand and gravel, and a major producer of other construction materials required by the U.
The subject of the tender is a framework agreement with several bidders for the supply of crushed stone in various assortments fraction (a total of about 157,800 tons of aggregates).
Demand for crushed stone was higher in 2014 because of increased demand every quarter since the second quarter of 2013, which offset the slowdown in activity that some of the principal construction markets had experienced during the previous years," reported USGS Crushed Stone Commodity Specialist Jason Willett.
ICD Research's report, Crushed Stone in Asia-Pacific to 2015: Market Guideprovides in-depth knowledge of the market trends and drivers of the Crushed Stone market in Asia-Pacific region.
Trail surfaces vary from paved surfaces or crushed stone and gravel, to bare earth or woodland paths.
The stock of CalMat, California's largest maker of crushed stone and asphalt, has almost doubled since late September.
Situated in Soho at the corner of Thompson and Broome, this court, paved with crushed stone and enclosed by a new steel fence, is an integral part of the gallery.