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In addition to meeting qualified vendor and purchasing requirements, Crusader Program vendors are selected for the award based on their cost, schedule and technical performance, product/service quality, responsiveness and management.
Le Norman stated that he is very pleased with the terms of the sale to Encore, noting that Encore will have working interests in several of the assets purchased by Crusader Energy II.
Crusaders, who were down by five after two minutes of the first quarter, allowed Manchester to go up by 26-15 at the first break.
We continue to be extremely satisfied with the operation of the system," stated Jim Unterseher, Program Manager for Crusader.
In the filing, the Company states that Crusader was contractually required to locate potential acquisition targets for the Company in the medical staffing industry and then present the Company with a comprehensive study and analysis of each acquisition target's business, operations, financial condition and prospects, along with recommendations.
He called Crusader "the most important component" in an overall operational concept of defeating enemy artillery there.
Danner, interim CEO of Paragon, added, "It has always been Paragon's goal to evolve our business into a national financial services firm and we believe that collaborating with Crusader offers a tremendously positive opportunity to accomplish that objective and to build long-term value for our shareholders.
To accomplish the Milestone B rate of fire objective, Crusader fired 15 round missions at ranges of 10,15,25 and 30 kilometers at a rate of fire greater than 9 rounds per minute.
Crusader Capital, LLC is a New York State registered investment advisor and, through its affiliate, Crusader Securities, is also a boutique investment bank (member NASD) with offices in New York and Los Angeles.
In addition to the pre-order bonus, a playable demo for Crusader Kings II has also been released and can be downloaded here: http://www.
It was not until over 100 years after the First Crusade, in the 13th century, that European Christians made any organized attempt to convert Muslims to Christianity, when the Franciscans began missionary work among Muslims in lands held by the Crusaders.
Even before leaving the Amsterdam News Briggs had established the Crusader in September 1918.
My high school was one of many that adopted the Crusader mascot.
Furthermore, the ratings acknowledge the financial flexibility afforded Crusader via Unico.
6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Crusader Energy Group Inc.