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the leg from the knee to foot

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The technique essentially comprises of placement of the caudal septum into the groove created between the medial crura to hold it in place2.
It revealed bilateral hemothoraces and crural hematomas, where the enlarged crura were extending inferiorly in close relation to the abdominal aorta bilaterally simulating retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy.
In this case report, the authors describe how factors like long small-bowel loop left after eosophagogastric anastomosis, flaccid diaphragmatic crura and hard physical work can affect late complications.
Most notable were the Kaufman procedures, which included a crural crossover (71) and were later modified to use a synthetic mesh tape that joins the crura in the midline.
9] Srinivas and colleagues reported a unique case with bilateral rupture of the crura of the cavernosa without urethral injury.
Near the vertebral attachment, the crura are tendinous in structure and merge with the anterior longitudinal ligament.
Esophagus bifurcates into intestinal crura at level of genital pore in males and at level of uterus in females, which reunites posteriorly running up to posterior end in zigzag lateral branches.
One of the major intricacies in the CIT is that the inner side of the earlobe is not accurately reproduced, especially in the crura of the antihelix region and crus of the helix [15].
The tumor was removed along with the ossicles and a section of the stapedial crura.
One of the advantages of such gallantry is a more than passing glimpse of her legs, to which the young lady will herself not be averse: protinus, officii pretium, patiente puella | contingent oculis crura videnda tuis ('straightway, as reward for your service, the girl will give you a chance to see her legs', 155-56).
16 crura in orbem pandere: Die angeblichen (der Hitze geschuldeten) "Sabelbeine" der Sudlander gehen womoglich auf Beschreibungen der hippokratischen Schule zuruck; sie wirken fort bei den antiken Physiognomisten (143, mit Belegen).
Rectis incisionibus obaudiunt crura et collum propter uenarum rectitatem, caput autem et frons et pectus et subuentranei pars inferior.
A mesh was not placed and no attempt was made to repair the crura.
In one sample after anesthetized by rabbit between anus and penis gently cut and crura identified and the amount 5ml meglumine compound 60% into crura were injected, quickly radiograph was obtained in lateral and ventral position was observed with injection of contrast material in the crura, erection in the penis and drainage vessels in the penis was determined by X-ray and veins were identified.