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the leg from the knee to foot

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Kaufman IL Surgical treatment of post-prostatectomy incontinence: use of the penile crura to compress the bulbous urethra.
A case of penile fracture at the crura of the penis without urethral involvement: Rare entity.
No attempt was made to repair the crura because this would have required the use of mesh which is problematic in the presence of a major contaminated resection.
Effect of straining on diaphragmatic crura with identification of the straining-crural reflex.
The crura around the internal ring contract around the spermatic cord and the external oblique aponeurosis becomes tense and presses on the internal ring, thus reinforcing the weak posterior wall.
The crura was reapproximated with interrupted 0 permanent sutures.
All parts of the clitoris have simple names: the crown (the tip); the corpus (body) and the crura (base).
Through a relatively simple surgical procedure involving perineal ligation of the crura penis, successful resolution of the ED has been reported in a number of cases (Bar-Moshe & Vandendris, 1988).
The hybrid procedure uses minimal incisions to close the crura without significant dissection.
High-resolution computed tomography of the temporal bones revealed a hypoplastic bony island between the vestibule and horizontal semicircular canals, as well as incomplete bones coverage of the posterior semicircular canal crura bilaterally.