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Synonyms for crumple

Synonyms for crumple

to make irregular folds in, especially by pressing or twisting

to fall in

a line or an arrangement made by the doubling of one part over another

Synonyms for crumple

fold or collapse

to gather something into small wrinkles or folds

become wrinkled or crumpled or creased

References in classic literature ?
I raised my hat and she passed out of the gardens, graceful and strong, after a slight movement of the head to me, her hands in the muff, crumpling the cruel Petersburg letter.
I tell you what,' said Mr Boffin, slowly crumpling his own blotted note in his hand; 'if you'll turn to at these present papers, and see what you can make of 'em, I shall know better what I can make of you.
Into one pocket of this greatcoat, he thrust his left hand the moment he dismounted, while from the other he drew forth, with his right, a very bright and glaring silk handkerchief, with which he whisked a speck or two of dust from his boots, and then, crumpling it in his hand, swaggered up the court.
Unfortunately, scientists have been unable to control the crumpling and unfolding of large-area graphene to take advantage of its properties.
So why not exploit this quality by deliberately crumpling the steel?
Prosecutor James Neary said the police collision investigator believed that excessive speed was the cause of the collision, but Mr Fitzgerald told the court that the last thing his client could remember was the mat crumpling up.
For instance, you can mimic the sound of a raccoon walking on leaves by crumpling newspaper.
All were given tasks to come up with a new way of allowing letters and documents to pass into the home without tearing, crumpling or other damage being caused.
Lecithin molecules shrink from the water in the caustic solution, crumpling the 60-micrometer-long tubes into bails a few micrometers in diameter, about the size of a sperm cell.
Roosevelt complete with radio noise supplied by chanteuse Debbie Reeder crumpling a piece of cellophane.
Lock's manipulation of the ballet idiom extends beyond steps to our expectations; it's almost painful to watch women crumpling to the floor over the tops of their pointe shoes, though it's compelling, too.
In the dark, your house will look like it is made of crumpling stone!
Jones, 24, was untouchable on Sunday in her first race since crumpling to the track because of back spasm in the 200 meters in the world championships in Seville, Spain, in August.
Her use of materials is in the tradition of Modern sculpture, for she plays about with the aesthetic of the scrapyard as the 60s' artists did, folding and crumpling odd-shaped sheets of whatever seems to hand - metal, plastic, counterpoising richly finished wood against unfinished concrete or using familiar materials in unfamiliar ways.
Additional bursts of sound accompany the crumpling of the discarded wrapper into a ball.