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Synonyms for crumple

Synonyms for crumple

to make irregular folds in, especially by pressing or twisting

to fall in

a line or an arrangement made by the doubling of one part over another

Synonyms for crumple

fold or collapse

to gather something into small wrinkles or folds

become wrinkled or crumpled or creased

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Davidovitch says they were inspired and moved toward a solution by thinking about how a familiar birthday balloon, made of two circular mylar foils, wrinkles and crumples (two separate processes).
This simple process leads to a fascinating pattern of wrinkles and crumples that emerge spontaneously near the perimeter of each foil," Davidovitch points out.
A field of triangles crumples and twists into a wavy crystalline sea.
For example, spidron reliefs could be used as shock absorbers or crumple zones in vehicles, Erdely says.
Calumet Carton's new Expand-A-Mailer[TM] envelope for oversized items serves as the industry's first "postal billboard" to showcase key images, logos, or messages directly on the envelope, while expanding up to one-inch to protect the contents from image-detracting tears, wrinkles, and crumples.
A bare-breasted woman wearing a long, glowing orange skirt speaks of spiders, voices and women's eyes, furiously crumples cellophane in a cacophonous frenzy, and dramatically traces arcs in space with her upper body as she waltzes through webbed lighting that keeps dividing the stage into new lands.
She and Deisenhofer argue that a statin molecule works because its arm sticks into the enzyme's pocket and then its wing crumples down into the cavity, blocking any other molecules from binding there.
As the rubber relaxed, the detached graphene was compressed to crumple.