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If you don't have one, crumple up a long strip of crepe paper into a ball and glue it at the tip of the cone.
When the radius of the drop gets small enough, the thin film starts to develop fine radial wrinkles near its outer perimeter as the water pressure increases If you keep adding pressure, decreasing the radius further, a second transition takes place and the film starts to crumple and to look more like a table cloth, draping with sharp creases over the edge of a flattened top," he adds.
The crumple damage was clearly visible on the starboard side of the ferry.
3 : to bend, crumple, or give way <The pavement buckled in the heat.
Similar to the crumple zones designed by the auto industry, the idea behind CEM is to have the structure of a rail car absorb the energy and shock of a crash rather than the bodies inside it.
Crumple a full-size piece of newspaper into a jelly bean/football shape for the body and wrap with masking tape.
In this edition, we highlight The Crumple Zone, about a group of gay friends spending the holidays together, and Noel Coward's Easy Virtue, which tells of a woman who is haunted by her troubled past.
For example, spidron reliefs could be used as shock absorbers or crumple zones in vehicles, Erdely says.
How often do you at least figuratively crumple your copy paper, toss it into the circular file, sigh and begin anew?
Milliken sees it as a way to crumple the inefficiencies of paper and manual processes.
The 11 models tested in this series were rated as "good" or "acceptable" for structural performance, indicating that manufacturers are doing a better job of designing the vehicles' safety cages and crumple zones, the institute said.
Samples of the new windowed thread, foil patches and foil stripes were tested under chemical resistance, laundry and mechanical tests, which included dry and wet crumple tests, to determine their durability (see chart).
On the front end Volvo designed tiered crumple zones that absorb energy at different rates based on the type of steel used.
The collision caused Earth's crust to crumple into giant mountains.
into the manic bitchiness of his role in The Crumple Zone