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a thick soft cake with a porous texture

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YULE LOVE IT: Heston's choc pud, popping spread and the crumpet trees
The production line in Minera is being used to make pancakes and pikelets, a regional variation of the crumpet which was developed in Wales in the 17th century before spreading to the West Midlands, Chester, Lancashire and Yorkshire.
Bark is worse than the bite Robbo and Crumpet get a ticking off from wife Kate
Sir, The Grocer's ability to reach the parts other magazines cannot was confirmed after your recent article about our new Classic Crumpet ('Fancy some posh crumpet, asks brand-building agency NewLeaf,' The Grocer, 15 January, P32).
No matter how carefully you press your crumpet, it always pops back up a paler version of the bread stuff you put in.
Auction prizes included a dinner party with the guest of honour, no less than the thinking woman's crumpet Robert Peston, left.
While it also supplies frozen crumpets to Foodservice and the export market, typical of its innovative approach is the fact that, besides the traditional crumpet, it also produces square crumpets.
The elderly lady's bit of pre-Angelus crumpet is moving on to pastures new.
Spread each crumpet with 1 tsp of pesto sauce, then arrange, the tomato slices on top.
A FACTORY worker has been crowned Britain's Tastiest Bit of Crumpet -after being secretly nominated by his missus.
Once the top has just set, flip the rings over, loosen the sides of the crumpets with a knife and push them out of the ring so the top of the crumpet can lightly tan.
Spread each crumpet with one teaspoon of tomato puree, top with two slices of ham and sliced tomato.
The day will feature a host of activities - from an old fashioned school sports day to crumpet decorating.
Crumpets Ingredients 1lb plain strong white flour 1 tsp rock salt 7g dried yeast, one packet 2 round tsp baking powder A splash of olive oil 1 pint warm water Crumpet rings or an upturned round biscuit cutter Method Mix together the flour, salt, yeast and baking powder.
The "unloved" crumpet has been given a classy makeover by new brand-building agency NewLeaf, which is now looking for listings for The Classic Crumpet range.