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Synonyms for crumb

Synonyms for crumb

Synonyms for crumb

a very small quantity of something

a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible

coat with bread crumbs

break into crumbs

remove crumbs from

References in classic literature ?
The beadle drank his tea to the last drop; finished a piece of toast; whisked the crumbs off his knees; wiped his lips; and deliberately kissed the matron.
He had picked up every crumb that had been left from his former meals, and was beginning to eat the matting which covered the floor of his cell.
These are all yawning, for no crumb of amusement ever falls from Jarndyce and Jarndyce (the cause in hand), which was squeezed dry years upon years ago.
You will live long, if you act like the miser who, bit by bit, crumb by crumb, collects and heaps up diamonds and gold.
He was too occupied with his own vision, and vividly burned before him the sordid barrenness of a poorhouse ward, where an ancient, very like what he himself would become, maundered and gibbered and drooled for a crumb of tobacco for his old clay pipe, and where, of all horrors, no sip of beer ever obtained, much less six quarts of it.
I took the smallest nibbles, never losing a crumb, and chewed the nibble till it became the thinnest and most delectable of pastes.
It was as if the earth had gone on spinning, and had left that crumb of its surface alone in space.
In addition to many new user-friendly features that enhance the shopping experience and ease, the new site launches BMAW's exclusive nation-wide partnership with famed NYC-based bake shop, CRUMBS.
Crumbs and Dippin' Dots intend to explore possible synergies that will be created in the areas of co-branding, cross-branding and distribution.
Spread remaining 1/3 cup bread crumbs on wax paper; gently press burgers into crumbs, turning to coat evenly.
We are excited to extend our licensing relationship with Crumbs Bake Shop to encompass these new flavors," said Barry Horowitz, vice president and general manager, Girl Scout Merchandise, Girl Scouts of the USA.
This business relationship with Starbucks will make Crumbs the largest national retailer to be included in Starbucks' We Proudly Serve program, which provides Starbucks[R]-branded beverages and other products to audiences outside of Starbucks' company operated retail stores.
The Crumbs Bake Shop will be open Monday - Friday, 7:00am until 7:00pm and will offer custom orders and catering for special events.
The CRUMBS iPhone App will offer additional rich mobile experiences in which users will have the option to send custom CRUMBS greeting cards, locate the closest CRUMBS Bake Shop and save and edit their "favorite" cupcake flavors that can be shared with friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.
I've adapted it to use chocolate cookie crumbs instead of graham cracker crumbs like the original.