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Synonyms for crumbly

Synonyms for crumbly

easily broken into small fragments or reduced to powder


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New on the market for 2015, Calon Wen Crumbly Caerffili was introduced together with Calon Wen Preseli Blue at the Spring Fair at the Royal Welsh Showground at Llanelwedd earlier this year.
We are proud to be the first to launch a crumbly cheese slice with our Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese, providing our customers with the perfect 'easy-to-use' option, from delicious sandwiches to the perfect cheese on toast, whilst also delivering the flavour loved by our fans.
You're looking to make a warm crumbly blanket to smother seeds and give them the right amount of warmth, air and moisture.
49) Pencil is a bit crumbly on contact, making exact lines a bit tricky but the accompanying brush helps fade them into an effective smudge mode.
The wood needs to be reasonably dry (remove any crumbly wood first) before you begin, then work the hardener into the wood with an old paintbrush, drilling holes for deeper penetration if it''s really rotten.
LANCASHIRE cheese arrives on our shelves in different formats, crumbly, creamy or tasty - some of it is down to the length that it is matured for, and some, in particular, is dependent on the amount of acid that is added to the curd.
The coffee cakes feature moist cake, crumbly streusel topping and a rich cinnamon filling, with only 120 calories per cake, a PointsPIus value of 3, and five grams of fiber.
The investigators found that adding soluble cocoa fiber as a fat replacer gave muffins a more tender and crumbly feel.
Tyson will receive an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree, and Crumbly will receive an honorary Doctor of Science degree.
The Arkansas Senate in June voted 19-12 to allow Senator Jack Crumbly to keep his seat despite a panel's finding that "flagrant voter fraud and irregularities" existed in the 2006 runoff election between him and former Representative Arnell Willis.
Can anyone imagine a multi-million pound deal being sealed with a decent cuppa and a crumbly biscuit with a jam-filled heart shape in the middle?
Douglas Van Daele, a physician at University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, earwax can be wet or dry and crumbly.
This yummy meal features organic rice noodles topped with Amy's pasta sauce and dairy-free cheese and is accompanied by a kid-sized serving of broccoli, handmade rice focaccia, and a crumbly apple crisp for dessert.
Dave Crumbly, vice president of fruit control at Florida's Natural Growers, the third largest U.
They put varnish on the bones to harden and protect them, since they are often crumbly.