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Synonyms for crumble

Synonyms for crumble

to reduce or become reduced to pieces or components

Synonyms for crumble

break or fall apart into fragments


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The airship's look-out man must have seen the whole of the tenth story of the Dexter building crumble out and smash in the street below to discover the black muzzle looking out from the shadows behind.
D'you believe that things go on, that she's still somewhere--or d'you think it's simply a game-- we crumble up to nothing when we die?
We wonder, and as we wonder they shall crumble away.
No enemy has set foot upon your soil, no Englishman has seen his womankind dishonoured or his home crumble into ashes.
The rivers of ice may melt, and the mountains crumble into dust, but the heart of a dead man is like the seed plot unsown.
Beeson also seated himself in a chair which had been a barrel, and which, retaining much of its original character, seemed to have been designed with a view to preserving his dust if it should please him to crumble.
All markets were glutted; all markets were falling; and amidst the general crumble of prices the price of labor crumbled fastest of all.
As at the time I caught her arm when helping her below, so at any time I was quite prepared, should stress or rough handling befall her, to see her crumble away.
Well, we crumble it up," answered Vassily, taking up some seed and rolling the earth in his palms.
Well, mind you crumble up the clods," said Levin, going towards his horse, "and keep an eye on Mishka.
Who doesn't love a decadent warm homemade cobbler, crisp or crumble piled with whipped cream or a favorite ice cream?
To soften it and make it easier to crumble into recipes for sauces, chili, and casseroles, steam the tempeh for a few minutes in a steamer basket or over a pot of boiling water.
Nestlw will rebrand its popular Australian line Violet Crumble--crisp honeycomb covered in milk chocolate--as Golden Crumble in the UK, The Grocer has learned.
10) you learned that it's challenging to scale cliffs made of sedimentary rocks because the rocks tend to crumble.
Customers can enjoy two new delicious Frappuccino([R]) blended beverage flavors - Mocha Cookie Crumble and Chocolate Cookie Crumble Creme.