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Synonyms for crumb

Synonyms for crumb

Synonyms for crumb

a very small quantity of something

a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible

coat with bread crumbs

break into crumbs

remove crumbs from

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Neither passionately pro- nor anti-Christianity, Crumb has no religious agenda with this book.
Mr Crumb said: "The family are gathering around and supporting each other.
For more information about Japanese-style Crumb, contact your R&D or sales representative, or call George Manak at 1-800-334-4468, ext.
Because the crumb rubber is compressible, the porosity of the particles is decreased resembling an ideal filter medium configuration.
This is the bill that mandated the use of crumb rubber in federally funded asphalt projects.
2003), examined the human and ecosystem hazard presented by tire crumb using in vitro mutagenicity assays.
Faced with writing for the school's quartet-in-residence, Crumb admits by phone from his home in Media, Penn.
The crumb flavor develops as a result of the enzymatic activity of the sourdough starters during sourdough and bread dough fermentation.
Here Comes the Cavalry: FHWA Adopts the Crumb Rubber Cause
Mr Crumb said today: "The wait to hear whether it's Sharon or not is terrible.
Today, with a growing demand for crumb rubber, scrap tires are a valuable commodity, and it's a whole new ballgame.
The boffins at McVitie's have taken the biscuit and designed a 'crumb test dummy' to test the amount of crumbs their new chocolate digestives produce.
Indeed, the decision to mount a Crumb exhibition seemed a fitting one for the Ludwig, whose collection of Pop (the largest outside the United States) includes work by artists like Oyvind Fahlstrom, who makes explicit reference to Crumb, as well as by such Pop descendants as Raymond Pettibon, who appeared in Crumb's magazine Weirdo in 1985.
Nestle Rowntree produces chocolate crumb (an ingredient made from milk, sugar and cocoa that is used in chocolate manufacture) at factories in Girvan in Scotland and Mallow in the Republic of Ireland.
Crumb has set all seven Canciones para ninos (Songs for children), the gentle humor of Lorca's poems contrasting sharply with the dark, sometimes frightening intensity of Crumb's earlier Lorca settings.