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Synonyms for cruiser

a car in which policemen cruise the streets

a large motorboat that has a cabin and plumbing and other conveniences necessary for living on board

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Among the officers in the last boats to put off from the cruiser was the commander of the vessel; and when he had heard the story of Jane's abduction, he generously called for volunteers to accompany Professor Porter and Clayton in their search.
A boat was dispatched to the cruiser for provisions, ammunition, and carbines; the men were already armed with revolvers.
He immediately signalled to the cruiser to send water, medicine, and provisions, and another boat made the perilous trip to the Arrow.
It seems that the pursuit by the cruiser had so terrorized the mutineers that they had continued out across the Atlantic for several days after losing her; but on discovering the meager supply of water and provisions aboard, they had turned back toward the east.
Two days before they had been picked up by the cruiser they had become too weak to handle the vessel, and that same day three men died.
When those who could had recovered, the entire story had been told to the French commander; but the men were too ignorant to be able to tell him at just what point on the coast the professor and his party had been marooned, so the cruiser had steamed slowly along within sight of land, firing occasional signal guns and scanning every inch of the beach with glasses.
The next day they sailed, and as the cruiser steamed slowly out to sea a tall man, immaculate in white flannel, and a graceful girl leaned against her rail to watch the receding shore line upon which danced twenty naked, black warriors of the Waziri, waving their war spears above their savage heads, and shouting farewells to their departing king.
The Land Cruiser model proudly carries forward the vehicle's legacy of phenomenal all-terrain performance and reliability.
Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM), a Japan-based automaker, is likely to launch a new SUV or crossover with the name TJ Cruiser.
That I think is what's great about 4X4's in general, and amongst owners of FJ Cruisers, particularly those who belong to FJ Cruiser Club of the Philippines.
In his speech during the handover ceremony, company director Trevor Butler said "Mr Cruiser became involved with Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife in 2007 and have had a mutually beneficial relationship ever since.
This will increase the group's presence on the Nile; it operates another luxury cruiser, The Oberoi Zahra.
The group already operates another luxury cruiser, The Oberoi Zahra, and will be increasing its presence on the Nile with the new cruiser.
The Brewster and Kumamoto are of the classic 'roadster' design, completing the new Beach Cruiser line.
Michael Goldman, a police spokesman, said Officer Michael Kochanski suffered elbow and back injuries when a car driven by Brandon Monaghan, 21, of Ashburnham hit the cruiser at 9:15 p.