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bottle that holds wine or oil or vinegar for the table


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The kinds of contrasts that DeWeese creates in his pots are even more evident in his Oil Cruet which has both the brown tones of the clay and a white glaze that cascades from the top of the pot downward.
They have argued that if women can serve as ministers of the word and ministers of the Eucharist, it does not make sense liturgically or pastorally to bar them from bringing the water and wine cruets up to the priest at the altar, a lesser ministry than reader or eucharistic minister.
Their 42-day study of 13 different cruets showed that lead's passage into the acidic liquid started quite rapidly, reaching an average of 162 micrograms per liter (g/l) within the first hour.
In a field kit, you would have a chalice, patten, cruets, candles, hosts, linens, holy oil, probably augmented with plasticized liturgies," he said.
Christmas said the company promised me cruets to return to continue the discussions if the chiefs would give their consent and allow the permits to be issued, but the chiefs responded by saying they couldn't agree to just trust them, given the history of the Mi'kmaq people in dealing with outsiders.
There's an old-fashioned sewing machine, trays of silver tea-services, sideboard, cruets, ewers, aspidistra-type plants in giant pots, old framed pictures, round-backed chairs and an air that everything's all right with the world.
A rare group of a gothic monstrance, cruets and reliquary from the Grotekerk, Hague-marked and published in an antiquarian engraving as early as 1730, recalls destructive waves of reformation and warfare across the Netherlands; the latest and largest example of church patronage is a massive silver-fronted high altar and seven foot-tall candelabra commissioned from Nicholaas Logher in 1893/94 for the Roman Catholic cathedral in the Hague.
Vesta boxes, trinket boxes, cruets, babies' rattles, caddy spoons, scent bottles, sovereign cases, vinaigrettes and a host of other small silver items are there with some art deco.
Cruets were to be filled to the neck, incense respectfully removed from the boat and properly lit in the thurible, hand towel clean and folded over the left arm.
The balloons are taken away from the children and affixed to cruets, glasses, etc, but not too tightly, enabling later decoupling.
Often, consumers transfer olive oil into cruets or secondary bottles with screw-on metal pourers like ones found on restaurant tables.
Another emerging trend evident at this show was glass encased in glass, for striking optical effect: Impulse's goblet enclosed in a tumbler, and Ichendorfs oil and vinegar cruets enclosed in a glass bulb.
Of the four, cruets provide the most accurate stylistic guide to date attribution, notably when fitted into hallmarked silver stands or frames.
Andrea by Sadek is introducing a cruet set that includes a silver-plated brass stand and two lavender glass cruets.
Movers and shakers will love the Notting Hill Lightbulb salt and pepper cruets at pounds 6.