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bottle that holds wine or oil or vinegar for the table


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The family is discussing selling them on Stenaferries, and at the Museum of Welsh Life, and the range is to be extended with a cruet set, coasters and other crockery.
But now guests will get free afternoon tea for returning a piece of cutlery, lunch for a cruet set, cigars for an old menu - and a night's stay for chamber pots and bedpans.
a gourmet salad set with a cruet set, salad bowl and acrylic salad servers.
Each piece is individually handcrafted, with large, airy olive branches on the wine chiller to a lovely branch on the etched cruet.
The set has a cruet set, a salt and pepper shaker, and two large dispensers, for sugar or parmesan cheese, for example.
Mention T Nant and most people will instantly think of the stylish cobalt-blue bottles which burst onto the market in 1989, but few will know that it was inspired by a cruet set.
There will be a wide selection of goods on offer, including an impressive display of Clarice Cliff, including a rare fish cruet set and a very pretty fragrance Bizarre jug.
A salad spinner, pepper mill, and cruet set would be another.
And if you want to be up-market, there's always Lytham St Annes for a better class of cruet.
At this point we turn left (with "The Old Mistal" opposite) to make our way down the slope past Cruet Fold (right) to follow the left hand bend past Dale Close (left) and Hollins Close (right) before the Methodist Chapel dominates the roadside on our left.
France Skiing introduces the Chalet Bartavelle located in Meribel, five minutes away from Le Cruet French Community.
These were a pair of silver three light candelabra, a pair of silver decanter stands, a silver condiment set, and a silver cruet, and were designed by the important and contemporary silversmith Anthony Elson.
Admittedly, watching ten clayheads standing around a kiln as they fire their cruet sets is arguably no less dull than watching ten Man United outfield players standing around a ball working out what to do with it, but luckily there are alternatives.
They include a milk jug, a cruet set, a sugar bowl and other novelty shapes.