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And she may have: the aunt is even crueler than thought, her house holds many mysteries, and Kat's life seems filled with only darkness and no future, until she discovers a new friend, some sympathetic ears, and some new hopes for positive changes in her life.
YOUR columnist David Banks, in his piece headed ``Eating a chicken dinner is crueler than fox hunting'' (September 21), has summed up just how I feel about the matter.
And then, when the church became a persecutor itself, the crueler it was the more obsessively it identified itself with its remembered martyrs, to soothe its conscience.
But her work is no crueler in its images and its striving for deep understanding than the whole of Estonian history has been.
Jack London's Wolf Larsen fears nothing above or beneath his decks, but it would be tough to find a crueler pair of shipboard despots.
Crueler critics might describe their performance as reliable and more of the same, but nobody could slate Kelly's powerful voice, which filled Birmingham's NIA.
That Sokal shares Social Text's hard-left political leanings - indeed, he claims he was angered by the "progressive" left's turn toward "epistemic relativism" - only made the joke that much crueler.
This is a sign of the lack of cleverness of the Iranian "carpet weaver" in a world that is crueler and more insolent than him.
The woman's distorted sense of Biblical morality is far crueler than the barbs of Carrie's classmates.