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Synonyms for crudity

Synonyms for crudity

an impolite manner that is vulgar and lacking tact or refinement

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THE VERDICT The third edition in the wildly popular series delivers the expected brand of comedy high jinks, outrageous crudity and over-the-top laugh-out-loud moments, though this time the gang's antics are balanced with a darker tone.
There are some (like the writer of this review) who have long believed that the public services weren't really good enough, and others (like the contributors to this volume) who think that the public services at least used to be very good, but there can be little doubt that, good, bad, or indifferent, the public services have been made catastrophically worse by the intervention of politicians intoxicated by the sheer crudity of their own rhetoric.
But the crudity of the Tory party's Treasurer offering access to the Prime Minister for each quarter of a million pound donation should not deflect from the wider issue.
As soon as I get here I forget war and crudity, but enjoy flowers in this shop," Shafiqullah murmured.
He has the same fondness for drag and crudity as Messrs Walliams and Lucas, and some of the outrageous caricatures are spot on.
There are a few elements of crudity in the humour; but it also had a beautiful, classic romantic comedy shape.
A billion plus people could not conjure up the guts to stand up to that creeping crudity of society and for the harassed artist.
In cahoots with the comedian Russell Brand (who at least had the decency to quit on the spot), he harangued and insulted a gentle old man in a withering display of bullying, crudity and cruelty.
If it contained what Mr Morley calls sexual crudity everywhere, I wonder which monastery he had left to come to the performance.
Thus pieces like 1,2 (all works 2009) and Untitled foreground their willful crudity, a welcome, undermining aspect given their otherwise gorgeous effect.
There is a crudity developed in the language that people use in politics that people are now accepting as almost everyday language, to accuse people of this or that.
He's part of a proliferating culture of trash in which crudity, bathroom "humor," cruel jokes at others' expense and cheap shots at ethnic groups (or any other target that presents itself) are the kinds of fare that pass as entertainment.
He was "shocked by the crudity of the author's arguments" and his ignorance of relevant evidence, so Carter began an e-mail exchange with that author to explore his position in more detail.
Unfortunately, Wu's skillful reading does not reduce the unexpected amount of profanity and crudity, which are more apparent in this book than in others in the series.
The principal elevation remains by far the most contentious element of the new extension, recalling the crudity (at worst) and stolid formal directness (at best) of the British Library (AR June 1998).