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Synonyms for crudeness

an impolite manner that is vulgar and lacking tact or refinement

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an unpolished unrefined quality


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I've never been a Trump fan, and I certainly don't like the crudeness of some of his remarks, but, like it or not, I have to admit what he's doing is working.
Where Smith shines is in depicting the dynamics of male relationships--the crudeness, the posturing, the power struggles, the loyalty, the affection.
Before the attacks, the magazine's circulation was in decline, with readers turned off by the crudeness of the drawings.
Though "The Interview,'' directed by Rogen and Goldberg, never quite manages the duo's calibrated blend of sincerity and over-the-top crudeness, it nevertheless usually pulses with an unpredictable absurdity and can-you-believe-we're-doing-this glee.
We cringed at the crudeness of it all, but it was fresh and innovative.
In fact, these metaphors seemed to extend to Smith's assemblages themselves, wherein the designed commodity meets the crudeness of nonmanufactured objects.
Former ladette Sara, who hosted Channel 4's edgy The Girlie Show during the 1990s, lamented the crudeness of modern TV.
June, who began her career in amateur productions, insisted there is no swearing or crudeness in her performances.
Maybe as George Bernard Shaw said, "Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.
As a result of this crudeness, the country is rife with wrong, unnecessary, kitsch but gigantic projects.
Her life changes drastically from the affluent politeness of southern family culture to the shocking crudeness of death, destruction and mayhem of 1862 Savannah, Georgia.
He was a revolutionary--with all the crudeness that word implies--who fought for decades against an unjust, inexcusable regime, then smoothly negotiated its transition into something better, while managing to exercise his well-earned power by essentially giving it up.
Right-wing reporter and self-proclaimed "fearless heterojournalist" Dale Maily is a character of sledgehammer crudeness, a poor man's cross between Ali G and Brass Eye's Ted Maul.
The "Pooping Moose" Sweater- This sweater combines all the class and elegance of a classic Christmas sweater with all the crudeness of a trailer park jamboree, as reindeer answer nature's call.
Inasmuch as Assir, with his confessional crudeness, was of service to Hezbollah's theories about Sunni extremism and to its campaign against the Future Movement and Sunni politicians, he has to the same extent invigorated the kind of extremism that drives towards infighting and rejects both the state and peaceful coexistence.