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On the other hand, El-Shesheny (2007) reported that there was insignificant effect of plant growth seasons on crude protein and also nitrogen-free extract consisting of carbohydrates, sugars, starches at the North West coastal region of Egypt.
Crude protein content of kernels separated from balanites fruit accessions collected from different localities in Sudan.
2013) showed that the inclusion of fishmeal also increased the rates of crude protein and minerals and reduced carbohydrate rates, similar to what occurred in the alfajor experiment.
Foliar sprays of FeSO4 on crop increased crude protein content and crude protein yield significantly (p=0.
Crude protein was determined by Kjeldahl method using Kjeltech apparatus (Technik Gmbh, Behr Labor, Germany) following the procedure elaborated in AOAC MethodNo.
The reference ration was formulated using the SUPER CRAC[R] computational program, which monitored the crude protein levels as tested by Ituassu et al.
The impact of drying on the HMs and crude protein contents of shrimps was demonstrated by comparing the parameters determined in both raw and dry shrimps.
com, "…adult horses require 10 to 11 percent crude protein in their overall diet…” meaning that Whispering Hopes' hay alone, not including the grain given or forage in the pasture, provides the essential need of protein to their horses.
Crude protein and ash contents significantly increased with the increased level of plant protein meals while crude lipid percentage decreased with increasing the plant meals.
Thousand kernel weight, wet gluten, dry gluten, crude protein, fat and starch contents were found minimum in the treatments having maximum number of mite population that was 26.
Non-legume intercropped with legume significantly increased the total mixed green forage yield and crude protein content of mixed forage (Iqbal et al.