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The percent crude protein of digestive gland increased in starved lobsters as has been found in the digestive gland of the marine carnivorous prawn Pandalus platycero (Whyte et al.
885294 Within Groups Total Table 2: Proximate composition of raw Oreochromis shiranus stored at ambient temperature Ambient storage time sampling interval (hours) Nutrient (%) 0 6 Crude protein 62.
Analysis of variance (ANOVA) for split plot based on RCB design was performed to determine density and intercropping pattern effect on sorghum and pearl millet dry matter yield , yield in each plant, crude protein, (DMD), carbohydrate and LER.
The observation that the heat and chemical treatment does not adversely affect the crude protein contents of treated J.
Some inoculants also have a protein protection effect, so that the proportion of crude protein that remains available to the animal as true protein is enhanced.
In the present study, there were clear trends with feeding frequency among whole-body crude protein and crude lipid because it was gradually decreasing with the increasing of feeding frequency from 1 to 4 meals a day.
The ash, crude protein, fat and crude fibre contents of the soybean-supplemented breads increased as the supplementation of soybean flour increased, while this was not observed in the case of the cassava-supplemented QPM breads.
In our experience, the key to avoiding this is to maintain energy density whilst cutting crude protein levels by 2-3pc.
The differences in the moisture contents of the nine blends and data on dry matter and crude protein digestibility were analyzed with the 2-way analysis of variance using the General Linear Models procedure of SAS[R] [21].
Also crude protein extracts from leaf tissue of these plants reduced the germination of conidia of the fungus Aspergillus flavus by 75% and the wilt fungus Verticillium dahliae by 99%.
Quality parameters - Dry weight - 91%,- Crude protein - 17 2%- Fiber - 7 1%.
However, there are large variations in crude protein (CP) and AA contents in MM as well as their digestible contents.
The burgers were analyzed for moisture, crude protein and fat contents according to the procedures of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists [10].
In addition, grass silage protein content is generally low again this winter, with many samples analysing at 12pc crude protein or less.