crude oil

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a dark oil consisting mainly of hydrocarbons

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According to an ICBC official, crude oil prices are, to a certain degree, related to the prices of everyday gasoline and diesel.
Ends/AH/KH Muscat, Sep 9 (ONA) The monthly report released by the Ministry of Oil and Gas pointed out that the Sultanate's crude oil and condensates production in August 2013 amounted to 29,369,124 barrel, an average of 947,391 barrel a day (bpd), a 0.
In nearly all other cases, US crude oil can only be exported if the BIS finds that proposed exports are "consistent with the national interest and the purposes of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act".
Heavy crude oil is cheaper compared to soft crude oil procured at the benchmark Brent crude rate.
Crude oil product supplied is normally zero because
Having obtained the relevant regulatory approvals, the new DME Brent Crude Oil Financial Contract and DME Oman Crude Oil Financial Contract will be listed for trading on DME Direct, the exchange's electronic trading system.
Rongjia Tao and Xiajun Xu, both of Temple University in Philadelphia, observed that either a magnetic or electric field reduced the viscosity of crude oil that's rich in paraffin wax.
The price of crude oil is set in the international market place.
As a result, some consumer countries in the Far East tend to pay a higher price for their crude oil supplies than in the case of consumer countries west of Suez.
12, 1994 - Ruptured pipeline spills 8-10 barrels of crude oil into a tributary of the Ventura River.
Nisar Ali Khan, noting the constraint on crude oil Export from West Wharf, asked PSO to develop crude oil handling facilities at Port Qasim.
will focus on issues of importance to the crude oil industry.
The global crude oil desalter market has been segmented on the basis of type into single stage crude oil desalter, two stage crude oil desalter, and three stage crude oil desalter.
Private refiners such as RIL and Essar Oil have been processing heavier crude oil and their current GRMs are higher.