crude oil

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a dark oil consisting mainly of hydrocarbons

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6 million barrels of crude oil daily to meet its burgeoning energy needs as an emerging economy and would love to have a Government-to-Government arrangement with Nigeria in that regard.
ONGC has also reported ' condensate' production inappropriately as crude oil production though both products were identified distinctly and treated differently by it.
Historically, the Index adopted by CSOP Crude Oil ETF significantly outperformed the conventional front-month monthly-rolling index in both bull and bear markets by more than 35% in the successive past ten years.
Ends/AH/KH Muscat, Sep 9 (ONA) The monthly report released by the Ministry of Oil and Gas pointed out that the Sultanate's crude oil and condensates production in August 2013 amounted to 29,369,124 barrel, an average of 947,391 barrel a day (bpd), a 0.
In nearly all other cases, US crude oil can only be exported if the BIS finds that proposed exports are "consistent with the national interest and the purposes of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act".
Heavy crude oil is cheaper compared to soft crude oil procured at the benchmark Brent crude rate.
Cook Inlet crude oil produced to date has low sulfur and is considered a sweet crude.
The COLT Hub will aggregate crude oil produced in Williams and neighboring counties using gathering pipelines and trucks.
Having obtained the relevant regulatory approvals, the new DME Brent Crude Oil Financial Contract and DME Oman Crude Oil Financial Contract will be listed for trading on DME Direct, the exchange's electronic trading system.
Rongjia Tao and Xiajun Xu, both of Temple University in Philadelphia, observed that either a magnetic or electric field reduced the viscosity of crude oil that's rich in paraffin wax.
48 on the 2000 BE INDUSTRIAL/SERVICE 100 list with $61 million in sales), says, "The high oil prices are actually affecting our business in a positive way; since we are in the business of wholesaling crude oil, we have a fixed priced at which we purchase crude.
The following are excerpts from a presentation to the 13th Annual APS Conference made by Koichiro Nagata, promoter of major crude oil storage and pipeline facilities across the Malay Peninsula:
Gas prices continue to explode like a California oil refinery and are expected to jump as much as 4 cents per gallon within the next 10 days, thanks to tight crude oil supplies and continuing problems at the state's refineries, energy industry analysts said Friday.
signed an agreement with PSO for handling crude oil exports from Port Qasim.
HOUSTON -- Intertek, a leading provider of quality testing, inspection and safety services to a wide range of industries around the world, will address the important industry topic of crude oil quality in a presentation entitled "Crude oil characterization for the Non-technical Person" at the Argus Americas Crude Summit in Houston, Texas, January 25, 2013.