crucian carp

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European carp closely resembling wild goldfish

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Tokyo, Japan, June 20, 2006 - (JCN) - Nisshin Food Products announced on June 19 that its research body Food Safety Research Institute has discovered a unique lactobacillus in funa-zushi, or fermented crucian carp with rice, a traditional specialty food from Gifu Prefecture.
The crucian carp (Carassius carassius) has long been recognized as a champion survivor, thriving even in shallow ponds that freeze over during long Northern winters.
Environment Agency scientists fear the popular household pets could force native crucian carp out of existence.
Scientists at the Environment Agency fear the popular household pets could force native crucian carp out of existence.
ANGLER John Campbell recently achieved his ambition - to catch a crucian carp.
Roach, rudd, perch and crucian carp were also being caught in abundance throughout all the lakes.
After two years, he will drain out the pools and take out any big fish, replacing them with specimens from his stock pools, including an intriguing hybrid of crucian carp and brown goldfish.
I am going to build two additional lakes, one for tench up to 6lb and crucian carp, and the other one for carp up to 20lb.
But crucian carp in radioactive ponds near the meltdown site didn't have three eyes or extra tails sprouting from their heads.
Big Waters AC fished their Annual Junior Shield on Dissington Pond where tench, crucian carp and ide all featured in catches over the four-hour contest.
Feeding maggot and pinkie sparingly, he coaxed eight ide, a few small crucian carp and a few skimmer bream on worm and maggot cocktail offered down the near side on the pole to take an impressive 14lb 2oz to the scales.
MICK Newey has been enjoying some good sport on the float with the recently-introduced crucian carp at Snitterfield Reservoir.
CAMERON Parker, from Gilfach Goch and just nine, landed a specimen 3lb 2oz crucian carp when he paid a visit to Seven Oaks Fishery with his grandfather Mal Parker, who also had a good day with carp to 8lb and roach and rudd to 1.
CyHV-3 DNA was recovered from only 2 other fish species: goldfish and crucian carp.
I've not fished Snitterfield yet but I've been meaning to as I'm told it holds a good head of quality crucian carp over 2lb that can be caught on light tactics.