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Synonyms for crucial

Synonyms for crucial

so serious as to be at the point of crisis or necessary to resolve a crisis

determining or having the power to determine an outcome

Synonyms for crucial

of extreme importance

having crucial relevance

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of the greatest importance

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For additional information about the survey, Crucial, or computer memory upgrades, visit Crucial.
We are delighted and honored that the Stevie Awards have once again recognized Crucial.
But when we fail a crucial conversation, every aspect of our lives can be affected--from our careers to our communities to our relationships and personal health.
They make time for the crucial conversations that increase their influence and maintain their optimism.
This makes it crucial for the lawyer preparing the divorce decree to ensure it contains a termination-at-death clause for federal tax purposes.
Replacing a French genealogy with a Roman one, Brownlee argues, was crucial for the construction ofa re-naissance Italian literature and helped make these writers the fathers of that literature, and he implies suggestively that this new genealogy might also be a significant moment in the generation of a myth of Italian cultural leadership in the Renaissance.
We called them Crucial Conversations because how you and others in your camp habitually handle these conversations has a profound influence on:
It found the key employees crucial to corporate success, and noted that they wore the maximum possible number of employee "hats.
What is of crucial concern is the Federal courts' treatment of those of us who use confidential sources - persons whose identities must be withheld in order to obtain information from them.
Both attention to details and demand for excellence is crucial for each project's success.
Crucial products include award-winning solid state drives (SSDs) and DRAM for more than 50,000 desktops, laptops, servers, workstations, and other systems.
The increasing complexity and interdependence of our hospital systems demand that doctors regularly engage in some very crucial conversations.
The camper participates in new experiences and develops crucial social skills.
BOISE, Idaho -- As Americans get set to express their love with flowers, candy and expensive dinners this February, new research commissioned by Crucial.
19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite three in four Americans believing that they maintain a healthy tech-life balance, a majority of Americans cannot endure more than two hours without checking their electronic devices, according to new data released today in the Crucial.