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Synonyms for Crux

crucial point


Synonyms for Crux

a small conspicuous constellation in the southern hemisphere in the Milky Way near Centaurus

the most important point

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Inside the refrigerator, meanwhile, Cruces kept more of his two- and three-dimensional still lifes fresh.
Con mi mujer planificamos nuestra vida entera en Las Cruces.
Further, he is fully prepared to sell Las Cruces and all it has to offer.
I'd love to see something like that happen here," said Eloy Marcos, a Las Cruces resident who goes to El Paso every week to visit numerous relatives and friends living there.
Las Cruces has resumed mining activities at the bottom of the mine pit on April 29, 2009 and delivered the first truck load of ore to the crusher on May 26, 2009.
Journal-Advocate, where he served as publisher before moving to Las Cruces in 2006.
1 -- color) Priscilla Cruces' boyfriend Danny Thompson visits Bishop Alemany High School in the aftermath of the auto crash that killed Cruces and her friend Angela Reyes.
The ACLU recently won a case requiring the city of Redlands, California, to remove the cross from its city logo, but lost a similar case in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
in the United States, But this unincorporated community a few miles outside of Las Cruces, New Mexico occupies a different reality than most other places in the nation.
The flavor of Old Mexico wraps around Las Cruces like a bright serape.
Martin, 41, relocated to Las Cruces about six years ago and is pursuing her doctorate in computer science at New Mexico State University.
Hay una historia de adoracion a cruces en el area maya desde la epoca prehispanica, pues se relacionaba cosmogonicamente con los cuatro rumbos del mundo: el Arbol de la Vida como eje universal, la fertilidad, el maiz y el huracan.
Las Cruces got to this point after a ten year struggle for independence from the El Paso Electric Company, based 45 miles away in the Texas border city.
Governor Susana Martinez to Visit Las Cruces Facility as Company Provides Additional Economic Opportunities
Smoke will be highly visible to the City of Las Cruces and the surrounding communities.