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a staff surmounted by a crook or cross carried by bishops as a symbol of pastoral office


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Mr Crozier said ITV was "a company with a great heritage and one of the best brands in the UK''.
Mr Crozier also confirmed the firm's pension fund deficit was around pounds 10bn.
Prosecutor Jolyon Perks said that Crozier had been arrested and put into a cell on September 18 last year when his parents had called the police after he scared them into handing over pounds 5.
Earlier senior Tory Sir Nicholas Winterton launched a withering attack on Mr Crozier, the former head of the Football Association.
Royal Mail chief executive Crozier was paid pounds 2.
Crozier faces more than 40 years in prison if he's convicted and ordered to serve the sentences consecutively, Coos County prosecutor Michael Romano said.
But despite his record, Crozier says he has found wife number three in eastern Europe.
Mr Crozier met many famous faces while selling the paper.
So that means Crozier will pack his mail-bag, brave the cold and killer guard dogs and push letters through front-doors at six o'clock tomorrow morning.
Mr Crozier said his new job would be very challenging.
FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION chief executive Adam Crozier last night announced his resignation amid the fallout from a dispute with the Premier League.
FOOTBALL Supporters Federation supremo Ian Todd today claimed a "force for good" had gone from the game with the departure of Football Association chief executive Adam Crozier.
ENGLISH FA chief Adam Crozier has blasted FIFA and insisted there are still "fundamental issues" for president Sepp Blatter to address despite his recent re-election.
WHEN oily Scot Adam Crozier breezed into the FA to sweep away the cobwebs and old farts in football's bright new revolution, he committed the heinous crime of not wearing a tie.
Corky) Crozier will join its Global Wealth Management Group (GWMG), on August 1, as District Manager for the Baltimore/Washington D.