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a staff surmounted by a crook or cross carried by bishops as a symbol of pastoral office


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Mr Crozier left the ITV chief executive position at the end of June after a seven-year stint where he was widely credited with turning around the broadcaster's fortunes.
Mr Crozier, who stepped down from ITV in June, will join Vue with immediate effect.
Crozier has transformed ITV's fortunes during his seven years in charge.
roles Crozier Experts say Crozier may have picked a prime time to go.
Crozier was also on prison licence from burglary sentences, on police and court bail and under a conditional discharge for attempted burglary.
With the acquisition, Crozier will take on all of Fairfield's customers and its 10,000 square foot storage facility in Ridgefield, Conn.
As a young teacher, Mr Crozier joined the Territorial Army in 1939.
Crozier has not had a chance to review evidence against him because of the "secret indictment'' process.
Crozier, 44, an infectious disease specialist, worked for only three weeks in Kenema, Sierra Leone, before he got infected, although he still does not know how.
Crozier said that both culture secretary Jeremy Hunt and business secretary Vince Cable were well aware that UK broadcasters and producers are strongly opposed to the adoption of the so-called "fare use" rules that would enable online video websites to post clips of their programmes.
ITV boss Adam Crozier says he will consider acquisitions to address the shortage of "creative talent" at the company's in-house production arm.
Mr Crozier quoted from novelist HG Wells and said the industry had to "adapt or perish".
Lorraine Crozier, 35, from Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, nicknamed Calamity Crozier, has suffered more than 20 serious accidents as well as countless bumps, trips and falls.
Adam Crozier, former topper at Blighty's Royal Mail postal service.
A FAMILY trip to the pantomime helped Tony and Joan Crozier celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.