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Synonyms for crownless

not (especially not yet) provided with a crown


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The trilogy is made up of three plays: The Iron Stage King (which originally ran in 2012), The Crownless King (which appeared the following year) and The Excelsior King (now in its world-premiere run).
45 million coconut trees totally felled or crownless, while more than 43 million trees were slightly damaged, the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) said.
In "Address to Black Hawk" which first appeared in the New York Standard, poet Edward Sanford writes of Black Hawk: "But even though prostrate, / 'tis a noble thing, / Though crownless, powerless, 'every inch a king.
Clinical examination shows the tooth was crownless, with a big periapical lesion involved the periradicular also with initial root resorption in palatal root.
Peshawar -- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Culture & Information, Mian Iftikhar Hussain has said that Badar Munir was the crownless king and shining star of Pashto Industry who ruled it for about three decades all Pakhtuns proud of him.
It would help to keep eyes on those crownless kings who look busy but do nothing.