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Of course, I've changed entirely since then, and variety is what the crowned heads want, I guess.
I have known persons," he continued -- for he thought he might avail himself of the opportunity of speaking of D'Artagnan -- "who by their sagacity and address have deceived the penetration of Cardinal Richelieu; who by their valor have got the better of his guards and spies; persons without money, without support, without credit, yet who have preserved to the crowned head its crown and made the cardinal crave pardon.
I shall be proud to do it," said Kalon, inclining his still crowned head, "but I am not sure that I understand.
When only 23, Jackie confided to the priest "Maybe I'm just dazzled and picture myself in a glittering world of crowned heads and Men of Destiny- and not just a sad little housewife".
At its height, the show played before the crowned heads of Europe, used 52 railroad box cars, employed more than 640 cowboys, Indians, vaqueros and rough riders and had 600 horses.
Bradley put PS10,000 in a bank, bought a home in Monte Carlo, mixed with the aristocracy of France, plus crowned heads of Europe.
Despite a near-exclusive attention to crowned heads and nobles, the early chapters flow seamlessly through the dynastic intrigues and state building of the medieval era, the Ottoman onslaught of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and the power struggles of the Habsburg and Ottoman empires over Transylvania and a more-often-imagined-than-real Hungary.
The in-house team of cutters and tailors has ensured that many crowned heads, nobility, and stars have always looked the part.
The hotel opened in 1891, attracting the crowned heads of Europe and a variety of other famous figures, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Karen Blixen, of Out of Africa fame.
After a childhood propelled by a pushy mother and singing for crowned heads, she took up with a couple of strange men (one had a pineapple-shaped head), produced a child or two but became better Grant known for revealing rather too much knicker elastic when she was tired and emotional outside clubs.
When Neuber set these minerals (obviously beautifully polished and prepared) into the patchwork of gold and enamels used in a fine box, many people from the European crowned heads downwards, who purchased these luxurious things, probably thought the Kingdom of Heaven had come at last on earth, since the more thoughtful amongst Neuber's wealthy clients (and I include the princes of the established church) would no doubt have been able to quote Biblical texts to add a pious slant to their purchases.
The only royalty 57,000 fans at the Millennium Stadium were interested in on Saturday were Martyn Williams, Shane Williams and the crowned heads of European and southern hemisphere rugby turning out for the Baa Baas.
Among the 1,900 congregation were celebrities, charity workers, sporting stars and pals from uni, a few crowned heads from Europe, naturally, but also the shopkeeper from the bride's village and also Basil from her family's favourite bar in Mustique.
Crowned heads of Europe are included among the guests, and Queen Victoria, Britain's longest-serving monarch, later described the evening in her journal.
Several crowned heads and members of former European royal families are to attend later Tuesday ceremonies marking the 90th birthday of Romania s ex-king.