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Of course, I've changed entirely since then, and variety is what the crowned heads want, I guess.
Here's property on this table worth thousands of pounds -- property that can never be replaced -- property that all the crowned heads in Europe could not produce if they tried.
All the crowned heads of Europe, when they heard of his difficulty, squabbled among themselves as to who should find him a wife.
The culinary legend was the first Brit ever crowned head chef of a three-Michelin star restaurant, leading students alongside one-time Savoy Hotel chef James Holden and recent Midlands chef of the year Michael Bullard.
Or perhaps the suite would be named after them so that other guests might reflect on the crowned head that had reclined there before theirs.
The major distinguishing characteristic of Khon masks is their bald or crowned head," reads an informative board in the Thai pavilion.
The first one was called the French Revolutionary War when Britain and other European powers engaged what they called the 'Republican rabble of France', which was perceived as a threat to every crowned head.
Far from being a mere ceremonial figurehead, Juan Carlos played a determining role in Spanish modern history when he stepped up as the first crowned head of state in 44 years after Franco's death.
The sharp thorns of his crowned head rebuff maternal cuddling.
Caterer Middle East last night crowned head chef Lee Kok Hua of Hakkasan Abu Dhabi as 2013 Head Chef of the Year - Independent Outlet at a glittering ceremony held at Dubai's Ritz-Carlton DIFC (12 June 2013).
In the meantime, the Assembly acquired greater authority by claiming that it acted in the name of the sovereign, which was fair enough, as the crowned head had eyes that could be seen only through the bottom of a wine bottle.
The final two refer to the year; 'n' is the date mark for 2012, while the crowned head is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee commemorative mark.
The entrance room was dark; straight ahead was a dramatically lit crowned head of glowing copper.
His examples begin with the decision not to dip the US flag in respect for any crowned head, racial ideas during and after the triumph of Jesse Owens, and the relationships among Johnny Weissmuller, the impetus to Americanize America through sport, and Californication.
RACHEL has been crowned Head of House after winning yesterday's task of reciting the alphabet backwards in the fastest time.