crown vetch

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European herb resembling vetch

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Field work to examine the spatial structure of root ages in crown vetch patches and the distribution of crown vetch seed in the soil seed bank was conducted at a site (42.
The site also contained extensive patches of crown vetch (Fig.
The crown vetch patches used in seed bank sampling were in a pasture located adjacent to a roadside ditch containing crown vetch.
We characterized the spatial-age structure of three crown vetch patches at the Boone site.
The second crown vetch patch (patch 2) sampled was roughly twice as large as the first.
We used a Trimble GeoXT GPS unit with sub-meter accuracy to map the boundaries of all crown vetch patches at the Boone site on 31 August 2004, and again on 29 August 2005.
The plant was identified as crown vetch (Coronilla varia) (Fig 2).
In this case report, a diagnosis of crown vetch toxicity was made based on a history of an acute onset of signs after ingestion of the plant.
Crown vetch grows in disturbed soils, tolerates dry conditions, and is often planted to prevent soil erosion.
Crown vetch contains nitroglycosides, the most toxic of which, [beta]-nitropropionic acid, is poisonous to nonruminants.
9) [beta]-Nitropropionic acid and perhaps other unidentified metabolites from crown vetch affect the brain and spinal cord, causing muscle weakness and collapse.
Chickens experimentally fed crown vetch exhibited signs of incoordination and staggering gait, leading to collapse and an inability to right themselves.
If your eroded area is more fertile than mine, the remaining buckwheat may grow so tall as to shade the crown vetch too much.