crown of thorns

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any affliction that causes great suffering


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somewhat climbing bushy spurge of Madagascar having long woody spiny stems with few leaves and flowers with scarlet bracts

a mock crown made of thorn branches that Roman soldiers placed on Jesus before the Crucifixion

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Each Christ figure bears a crown of thorns that is different from the others.
Calls for a new test on the shroud have increased since last summer, when Israeli scientists said that the most common pollen found on it comes from a plant which could have been used to weave the crown of thorns placed on Christ's head.
Outspoken Pastor Jack Glass, leader of the Zionist Baptist Church, wore a crown of thorns when he led protests outside the theatre this month, denouncing the play as "hateful" and "vile".
Under a wave of piety and devotion, medieval artists began to showcase the wounded hands, feet, and side of Christ as well as his crown of thorns and the marks of his scourging.
In The Sad Bull, 1992, a powerful bull stands beneath a twisted crown of thorns, shedding a torrent of tears.
Cohen plays the part of a gay fashion correspondent from Austria in the movie, and he is sure to infuriate religious groups with one of the key characters a black model called Jesus who wears a loincloth and a crown of thorns.
The prickly leaves represent the crown of thorns that Jesus wore when he was crucified and the berries are his drops of blood.
They come in names like Dipper, Hercules Bulb and Crown of Thorns.
Marks corresponding with Gospel descriptions of Christ's crucifixion - including a crown of thorns, the sign of lashes and a lance wound in the side - are also visible.
So it is that the cup of suffering and the cup of salvation, the crown of thorns and the glorious crown worn by the world's healer, fuse into one in the imaging of those who follow today.
Madge, 47, brought up a Catholic, will descend in front of 75,000 fans on a mirrored cross in a crown of thorns.
These commonly include the crown of thorns, the pillar and scourge, the hammer, nails, sponge, hyssop branch, dice, robe, and "INRI" scroll.
The traditional image of Christ - with flowing hair and crown of thorns - has been transformed into a dark rectangle.
My mom just asked me what channel Crown of Thorns is on.
G McLANDERS, Byker Crown for a King A SIMPLE rose grows in this land Planted by nature not by hand I grow unwanted everywhere And my fragrance fills the air Not much use to anyone except Their eyes to gaze upon My flowers unpicked are left to die To return in a summer sky Then one day, many years on I awake to find my stems are gone Cut and twisted with grasses bound I find I've turned into a crown For I have been taken for a king But no rejoicing, no bells ring For with this vicious crown of thorns A man called Jesus was adorned A king they said, and he must die Then Jesus Christ was crucified.