crown imperial

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Eurasian herb with a cluster of leaves and orange-red bell-shaped flowers at the top of the stem

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Accompanying it will be the crown imperial, Fritillaria imperialis, also known as kaiser's crown, which is a majestic tall bulb with lovely nodding yellow bell-shaped flowers.
As befits nobility, crown imperial comes and goes as it pleases, often in a fickle or unpredictable manner.
Chosen by a panel of industry judges, the winners include Texas resident Corey Martin's A Dark Night in Munich(Munich Dunkel style) and Illinois resident Joe Formanek's Five Crown Imperial Stout.
Indeed, the Detroit performance featured the wreckage of a car (a 1967 Chrysler Crown Imperial, a ride familiar from the final installment of the artist's Cremaster cycle) first dredged from the Rouge River and then sacrificed to a smelter; the show's title work and centerpiece is built around artifacts produced by that industrial transubstantiation.
A fine performance of Walton's Crown Imperial matched an almost surreal, glass-like interpretation of Delius's Walk to the Paradise Garden, where Wilson kept a tight rein on the RLPO, allowing orchestral colours to blossom forth.
Liquid Alternative's selection of hand crafted Crown Imperial Bedroom furniture will help create a bedroom that is as individual as you are.
If you want something especially eyecatching, add some crown imperial (Fritillaria imperialis), which look great in clumps in light woodland shade.
Another Turkish contribution to our cottage gardens is the exotic-looking crown imperial (Fritillaria imperialis, 1576).
Even more impressive are the statuesque flowers of the crown imperial, fritillaria imperialis.
Walton's famous and stirring Crown Imperial, written for the Coronation of King Edward VIII but used on the appointed day for his brother George's, saw the back line of percussion and heavy brass in sparkling form, as were the whole orchestra with Sir Malcolm Arnold's first set of English dances, a real highlight in a programme packed with them.
Sandwiched between Walton's Crown Imperial and Elgar's Symphony No 2, will be the well-known Symphony No 5 by Sibelius, a piece that the orchestra's conductor Benjamin Ellin describes as having an "allembracing" glory.
Walton's Crown Imperial March is always a winner: yes Coronation flag-waver, but one could imagine a splendid fly-past also.
Mozart's Ave Verum, which marked a return to church music at the very end of his life, was the blissful opener and contrasting prelude to Wagner's rousing Tannhauser Overture (a lastminute truncation of the programme omitted the contrite and redemptive Venusberg Music, as well as Walton's Crown Imperial Coronation march).
Crown imperial is a deer-proof bulb that could provide the elegance of tulips.
Johann Strauss Radetzky March has the audience clapping as one, while William Walton's Crown Imperial had hearts swelling at the end of the first half, a mood that was heightened at the beginning of the second half with Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance March No 1 (Land of Hope and Glory).