crown glass

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a glass blown into a globe which is later flattened and spun to form a disk

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optical glass of low dispersion and low refractive index

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Some small loss from CR39 and Crown glass does not cause too many problems.
More expensive models use barium crown glass (BAK-4).
Its scanning window is crown glass prism and there is special anti-scratching coating on the scanning surface.
Crown glass is harder than flint glass, with a lower index of refraction and lower dispersion.
53--is closer to that of crown glass than other thermoplastics; thus, their use in place of glass requires minimal design changes.
Extreme made its mark by producing some of the most respected target scopes in the business, employing German-engineered crown glass with world-famous Zeiss multilayer, non-reflective coatings for scratch resistance, crystal-clear target image and superior low-light performance.
Pilkington plc originated in 1826 as the St Helens Crown Glass Company founded with the technical knowledge of John William Bell and finance from three of the most influential local families - the Bromilows, the Greenalls and the Pilkingtons.