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a bacterial disease of plants (especially pome and stone fruits and grapes and roses) which forms excrescences on the stem near the ground

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Habituation is often mentioned in the crown gall literature because of its striking resemblance to crown gall cell cultures that grow without the addition of exogenous hormones.
tumefaciens in crown gall tumor production includes a wide range of dicotyledonous plants mainly by phenolics in both herbaceous and woody plants, woody gymnosperms by means of resins and a phenolic glycoside (coniferin) in one case (184), and a few monocots (for example, asparagus, narcissus, gladiolus, yam) (Binns & Thomashow, 1988; Cervera et al.
The relatively rigid cell wall enclosing each plant cell upon cell division forms a barrier to any metastatic spread of crown gall within the host and, therefore, precludes the presence of a cancer s.
The possibility that the mechanism of transfer of DNA from the bacterium to the plant cell in crown gall disease is similar to the conjugative system in bacteria was noted in early studies (Binns & Thomashow, 1988).
As in the case of crown gall disease, there is a transfer of genetic material from a plasmid of the infecting organism, A.
The study of crown gall disease in plant stems is important, not only because of its long history but also because the present knowledge of the disease is based on a large number of disciplines and organisms: microbiology (bacteriology), plant physiology, plant and bacterial biochemistry, genetics and molecular genetics, transgenic plants and crops, and disease and evolutionary history.
Crown gall and its related adventitious root disease are still an unfinished and fascinating story.
Agrobacterium-induced crown gall and hairy root diseases: Their biology and application to plant genetic engineering.
The molecular genetics of crown gall tumorigenesis.
Ti plasmid-encoded genes responsible for catabolism of the crown gall opine mannopine by Agrobacterium tumefaciens are homologs of the T-region genes responsible for synthesis of this opine by the plant tumor.