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But let's get back to the mystery of the cocks crowing at 3 a.
I checked the Internet and found that last year, two researchers at Nagoya University-Tsuyoshi Shimmura and Takashi Yoshimura-made it to the international news because of their study of roosters crowing, and their conclusion that these birds do have a circadian clock, an internal biological rhythm.
For years, it has been "unclear whether crowing is under the control of an internal biological clock, or caused by external stimuli," Nagoya University researchers Tsuyoshi Shimmura and Takashi Yoshimura wrote in a paper appearing Monday in the journal Current Biology.
According to Shimmura and Yoshimura's paper, the rooster's internal clock is primarily what times its crowing, though this rhythm can be influenced by external factors.
If the rooster is crowing exactly every 30 minutes, my guess would be that the neighbor has a clock that chimes on the half-hour.
Evan Balaban has something to crow about: The scientist has successfully transplanted developing brain cells from quail embryos to chicken embryos and created chickens whose crowing resembles that of quail.