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a situation in which people or things are crowded together

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Things are crowding up out of the earth," she ran on in a hurry.
It was the first substitute I thought of for the personal letter which the pressure of innumerable occupations, all crowding on me together after my long absence, did not allow me leisure to write.
Likewise the fire was afore her eyes, and the roarings in her ears; and theer was no today, nor yesterday, nor yet tomorrow; but everything in her life as ever had been, or as ever could be, and everything as never had been, and as never could be, was a crowding on her all at once, and nothing clear nor welcome, and yet she sang and laughed about it
But Herbert's was a very different case, and it often caused me a twinge to think that I had done him evil service in crowding his sparely-furnished chambers with incongruous upholstery work, and placing the canary-breasted Avenger at his disposal.
Sitting on the banks in this way, Silas began to look for the once familiar herbs again; and as the leaves, with their unchanged outline and markings, lay on his palm, there was a sense of crowding remembrances from which he turned away timidly, taking refuge in Eppie's little world, that lay lightly on his enfeebled spirit.
The yeomen guard the streets in seemly bands; And clowns come crowding on, with cudgels in their hands.
At our landing, the captain forced me to cover myself with his cloak, to prevent the rabble from crowding about me.
The dressing-rooms emptied and the ballet-girls, crowding around Sorelli like timid sheep around their shepherdess, made for the foyer through the ill-lit passages and staircases, trotting as fast as their little pink legs could carry them.
My feelings exactly," said Billy, crowding into the troop-horse for company.
He was under the shade of a tree, as has been said, and there, like flies on honey, thoughts came crowding upon him and stinging him.
And after they were gone, the King's archers came crowding around Robin and his men, eager to get a glimpse of the fellows about whom they had heard so much.
I could see figures crowding the forward decks and upper works of the air craft.
Lanyon, had his house and received his crowding patients.