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Synonyms for crowded

Synonyms for crowded

affording little room for movement

having all parts near to each other

excessively filled with detail

Antonyms for crowded

overfilled or compacted or concentrated


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Responses of the questionnaires revealed that new leprosy cases (n = 110) were primarily contacted and transmitted through crowdedness, inadequate housing ventilation (Fig.
Kendall's tau was used to test the relationship between value for fee paid and perceived crowdedness for each of the cave tours.
Grewal, Baker, Levy, and Voss (2002) found that store crowdedness and wait expectations had a direct negative effect on store patronage.
This crowdedness is really scary," Umm Mohammad, a Syrian pilgrim, said as she watched the twisted trail crowded with pilgrims from the top of a flyover in Mina.
33) In the classical example of contextually driven attitudes, a sense of crowdedness can depend on intentionality and environment, such as whether one is at a rock concert or ball room dancing.
Likewise the negative impact of crowdedness in urbanized areas should be separated from the positive impact of quality of life in urban areas.
Physical features of facilities (particularly, the crowdedness and comfortableness of waiting rooms) have tended to be rated somewhat poorly.
in our experience [her italics], experiences which are new in the history of humanity--in extreme social and physical mobility; in the crowdedness of the human scene (both people and material commodities multiplying at a dizzying rate); in the availability of new sensations such as speed (physical speed, as in airplane travel; speed of images, as in the cinema); and in the pancultural perspective on the arts that is possible through the mass reproduction of art objects.
of California, Irvine) examines the crowd as a visible manifestation of an increasingly incomprehensible city, as an event, a physical assembly either present or invoked, or as a discourse, the idea of the crowd or crowdedness, and the symbolism attached to it.
Baseline measurements for confounders, including household heating and cooking conditions (the use of kerosene or wood), the presence of smokers, and household crowdedness (number of persons/number of rooms), were collected via household surveys.
This would have been experienced as violence, as attack; the audience would have felt the shock of reverberating boards, of crowdedness very different from that of the spectators crammed together.
As Thomas Kilroy argues, it is good to keep in mind that 'within metropolitan centres there is always a nostalgia for cultures which are untouched, untainted by ennui, the busyness, the crowdedness of the centre'.
I am 33, married, with a beautiful young son, an ex-Chicago native and an ex-executive; tired of the grime and crowdedness of urban living, tired of my supervisor's meaningless meetings, tired of the angry masses on the streets.
Only six years later, concern about its crowdedness was already being expressed, according to library board minutes.