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Synonyms for crowded

Synonyms for crowded

affording little room for movement

having all parts near to each other

excessively filled with detail

Antonyms for crowded

overfilled or compacted or concentrated


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Stringer's report defines "crowded" dwellings as units with more than one person per room, and "severely" crowded dwellings as units with more than 1.
More MTA bus lines are more crowded today than they were two years ago when the court found the MTA in violation of the decree.
In Winerip's rush to judgment, he confirmed the fears of many who opposed the transfer provisions of NCLB, including some parents, teachers, and administrators who were eager to blame crowded classrooms on the outsiders who entered under the law.
Contrary to popular beliefs and many scientists' views, we find no evidence that Asian and Latin Americans can better withstand or tolerate the adverse psychological consequences of living in crowded homes," says Gary Evans, professor of design and environmental analysis.
In contrast, crowded conditions brought out large increases in coping behaviors.
Interviewed physicians indicated that all currently marketed OAB products have comparable safety and efficacy profiles and, as the last once-daily OAB option to come to market, if approved, Sanctura XR would not dramatically impact their OAB prescribing habits given the crowded OAB market.
6, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Patients admitted to the hospital from the emergency department during periods of high crowding died more often than similar patients admitted to the same hospital when the emergency department was less crowded.
If you need a place to evaluate or enjoy a new plant variety, find a crowded garden to grow it in.
I've seen situations where the beach is so crowded that the birds just fly up and down the length of the beach for two hours until the tide goes out," says Harrington.
The fair was crowded with families dashing between attractions such as the Ferris wheel and the popcorn vendor.
This is less crowded and it's not as cold as New York parades,'' Cole said.
We are crowded and have little room to maneuver but for the most part kids have really been kind,'' Messina said.
These are only a few examples of what animal rescue groups and city officials say are a sad result of severely crowded shelters - a problem passage of Measure F could help solve with $154 million for shelter construction and expansion.
Tinsley sang lead vocals on a song before Matthews capped the concert with ``Crush,'' the band's top 40 hit from their newest CD, ``Before These Crowded Streets.
In the neighborhoods near the crowded Belmont High School, many students and parents said Monday that they are very concerned about contamination at the Belmont Learning Center site and would rather stay at their crowded school than risk their lives.