crowd control

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activity of controlling a crowd

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Our customers tell us that Crowd Control gives them access to the data they need, via the most user-friendly interface they've seen," said Lotame CEO Andy Monfried.
Linked to the new 'Solution Showcase,' a new 'Industry News' section will provide a 'quick read' of current crowd control and queue management news across industries," continued Mr.
The advanced targeting methodologies of Crowd Control will enable Conde Nast to find those readers, and place the most appropriate ads near them.
Crowd Control seamlessly integrates with publisher ad servers, exchanges, and demand platforms.
Lotame's Crowd Control makes the sentiment data from OpenAmplify more useful because it provides a context for understanding underlying sentiment and a framework for taking meaningful steps to change consumer sentiment as well.
Lotame's patented Crowd Control technology collects, organizes, and employs a rich array of anonymous data sources, including powerful new categories of social data reflecting consumer interests and behaviors within social networks.
Crowd Control provides the means to define audiences by traditional demographic information as well as by areas of interest demonstrated by participation in social media.
Lotame's Crowd Control platform enables brands to target consumers based on active and recent interests, as demonstrated by blogging, uploading pictures, commenting, watching a video, etc.
Security services include uniformed guards, electronic monitoring systems, personnel protection, access control, crowd control and the prevention of sabotage, terrorist and criminal activities.
They can do things in terms of search and rescue, patrolling our mountains and beaches, and crowd control that really can't be done without horses.
So good, in fact, that Stinker's taken it upon himself to become Gail's protector and chief of crowd control on the four mornings a week she shows up at the park with breakfast - 12 loaves of bread, a 20-pound bag of bird seed and a couple of large bags filled with peanuts for the squirrels.
Contract notice: On supply of crowd control effects.
Rackit Crowd Control Product Poised to Make Noise with its Universal Panel System
com is proud to introduce PRIME Stanchions, a new line of low-cost crowd control products.
Network Rail is implementing new crowd control measures to prevent crowding on the platforms until Christmas Eve due to an increase in passengers.