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Synonyms for crowbar

a heavy iron lever with one end forged into a wedge

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When the mother heard the picks and crowbars mining her fortress, she uttered a terrible cry; then she began to stride about her cell with frightful swiftness, a wild beasts' habit which her cage had imparted to her.
I remember a long gallery of rusting stands of arms, and how I hesitated between my crowbar and a hatchet or a sword.
Forced it open, at length, with a bayonet - not with a crowbar.
He made use sometimes of the hilt of his sword as an additional help: introducing it between ribs that were too rebellious, making it take the part of a lever or crowbar, to separate husband from wife, uncle from nephew, and brother from brother.
It was in its entirety so large, so complex, so delicately immense, that to bring it to the issue of warfare was like driving a crowbar into the mechanism of a clock.
It was a crowbar, that pitiful sum of money accumulated by two years of crucifixion.
The miners, also, taking a crowbar with them, often wander on Sundays over the mountains.
They took every scab they caught an' broke both his arms with a crowbar.
I wish the crowbar had smashed my skull ten years ago.
The carpenter had stolen upon him from behind, and, summoning all his strength, was aiming with a crowbar a blow at the back of his skull.
When arrested he had a bunch of skeleton keys in one pocket a heavy chisel in another, and a short crowbar in his hand: neither more nor less than a burglar.
said the robber, poising a crowbar, which he had drawn from under the bedstead.
Sikes proceeded to drink brandy at a furious rate, and to flourish the crowbar in an alarming manner; yelling forth, at the same time, most unmusical snatches of song, mingled with wild execrations.
Stand off," Mikolka screamed frantically; he threw down the shaft, stooped down in the cart and picked up an iron crowbar.
Mikolka stood on one side and began dealing random blows with the crowbar.