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having the approximate size of a crow

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With long jaws, rows of sharp-pointed teeth and a flexible neck, the crow-sized reptile is thought to have been hawk-like, catching and killing other flying creatures.
The black, crow-sized bird with chestnut shoulders and thighs, white rump and white tail tip is notable for hunting in packs to increase its chances of catching prey in the harsh environment it normally inhabits.
Washington, July 28 (ANI): Archaeopteryx, the legendary crow-sized creature long known as the earliest known bird on Earth, may not have been a bird at all, a new study has revealed.
Crow-sized peregrine falcons are fierce predators, and can attain air speeds of more than 200 mph when diving (or "stooping") on prey from above.
The crow-sized wading bird has not been spotted since 1999, but hopes remain that a few survive.
The peregrines are crow-sized, with 3- to 4-foot wingspans.
This crow-sized creature was one of the first birds on Earth.
The long jaws, rows of sharp-pointed teeth and rather flexible neck of this crow-sized pterosaur suggest that it might have been hawk-like, catching and killing other contemporary flying creatures.
A secretive, slender crow-sized owl, the long-eared owl often perches immobile next to tree trunks, appearing invisible.