crow's nest

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platform for a lookout at or near the top of a mast

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On August 31, the 15th Battalion (48th Highlanders) was ordered to capture the Crow's Nest and, a few hundred metres to the south, Chateau Hendecourt and Chateau Wood the following day.
The girls' mums all come into the pub and we're happy to support such a worthwhile cause," said Joy Sanders who runs the Crow's Nest with Dean Painter and Paul Harris.
The crow's nest key sold for 90,000 pounds in 2007 and the second key, with three others, is tipped to make a similar sum in the sale at Devizes, Wiltshire.
They then had to walk 70 miles from Macleod to Crow's Nest Lake, and for the privilege of walking across the prairie they were charged $2.
LESS HECTIC: Landlord David Hughes at the Crow's Nest
We're looking forward to having Jessica Knox here," smiles entertainment manager, Blaine Neagley, of the Santa Cruz based Crow's Nest.
Lights, big rat, ghosts, devils, skull-head fenced graveyard, dummies, fog machines, spiders and webs, crow's nest and skeletons.
Behind the two cabs is the Crow's Nest pub, which was run by John Bell.
The showpiece item is the timber shipwreck Bounty, jutting out of the sand in three sections, with nets, rope ladders, bells and crow's nest.
Since December, the organization has led a campaign against the sale of what they call white power music in Record Breakers and two Chicago stores, Metal Haven in the North Side's Lakeview neighborhood and Crow's Nest in the Loop.
One of the many nice details in this scheme is the catwalk which runs from it along the south wall, over the living room and through the glass wall to a perch -- a kind of crow's nest -- from which to watch the sun set over the Pacific.
Nasdaq:CNET), along with ScreenPlay, the leading designer and producer of customized audiovisual solutions for more than 25,000 business locations across North America, and Crow's Nest Entertainment (CNE), an audio/video systems provider, today announced a partnership to deliver valuable electronics buying expertise to consumers as they shop in the television departments of CompUSA retail stores nationwide.
Pub landlady Sarah Baker took in the bright-eyed collie-cross when he was found tied to a bench outside the Crow's Nest, in Crowhill Road, last Saturday.
Don't be intimidated by veterans who can cast a mile every time or by the fear of developing an impossible crow's nest in the spool.
Shell assumed title to these lands when it purchased Crows Nest Industries, the successor to Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.