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someone who collects and pays bets at a gaming table

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The Gala Casino in Birmingham, which is part of Europe's largest gaming organisation, employs 120 people, including 65 croupiers, and has up to 4,000 visitors each week.
ASHLEY MURPHY moved to London when she was 17 and became a casino croupier.
A faint smile of acknowledgement at a decent win, a nod of sympathy at a heavy loss - those are the tools of the trade of the very best croupiers.
I felt suitably smug - until Adrian told me that good croupiers can push out 10 at a time.
I went there to watch and learn as a group of new recruits were trained to be croupiers at the North-East's latest soon-to-open attraction, Bannatyne's Casino.
Distinctive clothing was not confined to members of synod several times, Archbishop David Crawley and members of the head table donned white visors promoting the Anglican Appeal, prompting one observer to say they resembled croupiers in a gambling hall.
Anthony Carthy who has worked the roulette and black jack tables for 10 years was nominated by fellow croupiers in Las Vegas to take part in this year's competition which attracted participants from over 27 different countries.
The dealers and croupiers are equipped with operational monitors in order to communicate with the online player.
ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE WITH free room hire, free DJ, 4am bar and a free shuttle bus to and from the city centre, Les Croupiers is offering the chance of a unique party at a unique party venue.
The race near Bala, which was shortened to seven miles due to deep snow in places, was won by Felipe Jones of Aberystwyth AC, with Katie Beecher of Les Croupiers the women's winner.
Combined with membership-free entry, this has generated increased customer demand and created the need for more trained croupiers.
North Warwickshire and Hinckley College's gaming academy has become one of just three in the country to offer a new gaming NVQ qualification with industry recognition, as well as linking up with national industry employers to provide in-house training for croupiers and reception staff.
My casino has always prided itself on honing our skills to make sure we are the best croupiers.