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Synonyms for crouch

bend down

Synonyms for crouch

to stoop low with the limbs pulled in close to the body

Synonyms for crouch

the act of bending low with the limbs close to the body

Related Words

bend one's back forward from the waist on down

sit on one's heels

References in classic literature ?
The king, in the tempest of his wrath, hesitated, and drew back in the face of D'Artagnan's frank courage, just as a horse crouches on his haunches under the strong hand of a bold and experienced rider.
one crouches Memory, clad in sackcloth and ashes, mumbling penitential
She crouches in another doorway, watching that one, and easily comprehending that he puts up temporarily at that house.
The ministry owns 30 homes around the country that are at the disposal of the Crouches.