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Synonyms for crotchety

Synonyms for crotchety

having a difficult and contrary disposition

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Your body will feel no different, it won't function any better and you will get bored and crotchety, and bore people with telling them how bored and crotchety you are.
The great man is a crotchety talent spotter for an Atlanta baseball team who's dismayed when his estranged daughter (Amy Adams) goes with him on a scouting trip to North Carolina.
If he's anything like me, he'll be a crotchety old grump until he's had a coffee, a bowl of Cheerios and a good old swear at the telly whenever Daybreak presenter Adrian Chiles appears.
When I had the chance to play Scrooge I jumped at the opportunity - he's such a crotchety old git
Getting books out of India Knight is like being the crotchety form mistress dealing with the 'dog ate my homework' excuse.
whatever works (12a) Cast: Larry David, Evan Rachel Wood, Patricia Clarkson Plot: Writer/director Woody Allen casts another version of himself, this time getting Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David as crotchety, sarcastic Boris, a genius physicist who is forever telling everyone that he nearly won a Nobel Prize.
One would think such pampering would be a utter delight, even for crotchety and cantankerous birds such as the pelican - but no good deed goes unpunished.
CROTCHETY congr egation members at St Nicholas's Liverpool parish church Armed Forces' Day service demanded to know why the Merchant Navy's Red Duster was flying.
What makes Snow's story unique is its magical introduction to "switching" and the crotchety fairy grandmother who teaches Claire about her ability.
Ballet master Jeffrey Gribbler, who danced Franz in the '90s, now performs the role of the crotchety Dr.
I know a lot of people think librarians are a crotchety bunch (I don't by the way
It is lamentable that Canon Portman has fallen into the trap of seeing Prayer Book Anglicans as crotchety, change-resistant, nostalgia junkies.
Yes, times are changing, which the champ laments at length with the only major holdover from the earlier films, his crotchety brother-in-law, Paulie (Burt Young).
TWELVE-year-old DJ Walters (voiced by Mithel Musso) has been warned to stay well away from the ramshackle home of crotchety old Mr Nebbercracker.
com) is written by Dan McLaughlin, and sometimes he's as crotchety as the blog's name suggests.