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Synonyms for crotchet

a sharp curve or crook


a musical note having the time value of a quarter of a whole note

a strange attitude or habit

a small tool or hooklike implement

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The hi-hat and ride cymbals usually play constant quavers or crotchets, acting as a form of metronome, although they too are subject to stylistic rhythmic variation.
Nevertheless, these regular quavers are more reminiscent of Leveridge's regular crotchets than of Chappell's rhythmically altered version, suggesting that the heritage of Pardon's 'Black-Ey'd Susan', unlike that of Walter Wilcock, might predate the modification of the standard tune in the mid-nineteenth century.
And around grades 4 to 6, which deal with more detailed instruction about, for example, rhythmic relationships, chants in Yiddish could be added to notation charts that demonstrate different combinations of crotchets, quavers, semiquavers and dotted notes (see Figure 6).
But as he read, re-read and wrote countless essays and dissertations, floating musical crotchets and quavers danced cartoon-like up the street and into his bedroom window in Milwaukee.
Kingsley himself is to blame for being such a memorable public figure: these days Amis l'homme is probably more famous than any item in his bibliography, thanks to his reactionary quotient and numberless crotchets.
Spiers was, incidentally, a genetics student at Cambridge before crotchets and quavers replaced DNA in his affections.
berthei, perhaps functioning similar to the crotchets of Lepidoptera, is attributable to an expression pattern of the Distal-less gene that regulates early developmental expression of abdominal appendages throughout basal clades of Holometabola (Labandeira and Santiago-Blay, 2002), similar to abdominal structures found in extant scorpionfly and sawfly caterpillars.
Some of his ps and gs were more like crotchets and quavers.
By virtue of one of his characteristic crotchets, Mr.
In music, how many crotchets equal a whole note or semibreve?
Why," answers the exasperated Prince, "these are very crotchets that he speaks-- / Note notes, forsooth, and nothing
When we 'graduated' to high school she started an 'Old Crotchets Club' so that we could stay in touch.
We each go out to meet the world in our writing, and, in so doing, effectively present self-conscious, intentional public versions of ourselves, exhibiting tics and crotchets inevitably as we make choices of words and syntax to get the work out, casting nets of language.
06/05/1876 Prince of Wales Ours * 1876-1886 10/06/1876 Strand Crotchets 07/08/1876T Prince of Wales Bounce (Liverpool) 30/10/1876T Opera Comique Crypto.
The Court of Peeves, Crotchets & Irks resumes its winter assizes with a motion from Jane Williams of Buffalo for a ban on "seems like.