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Synonyms for crotchet

a sharp curve or crook


a musical note having the time value of a quarter of a whole note

a strange attitude or habit

a small tool or hooklike implement

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By 1974 the pace had increased to 174 bpm, the triple-time rhythm was accentuated, and the audience was gleefully filling the four crotchet rests with handclaps(8) 'The Wild Rover', as we know it, was born.
Inquisitr claims there's a rare chance that Kate Middleton would "strut around in sheer bottoms with crotchet edges and a bra with crafted embellishments.
Sorry, this was all I could think of when you said secret menu cards, I can understand not telling you what specific dishes are on the menu but not being able to say if fish, meat or vegetables are on the menu is a bit like hiding your Gran's crotchet for fear of releasing military secrets.
The chain cascade earrings have been worn by actress Jessica Alba, and Kyler's styles pair perfectly with this season's crotchet and lace tops and dresses.
It is just, a pity that at the end of the Adagio, in the 4th bar before the end, in the first crotchet in the left hand of the piano, there is an A flat instead of C.
Mr Arnold, then as a critic seemed to me at first, and has always seemed to me, flawed with those very faults of freak and crotchet against which he was never tired of protesting, and though a very useful alternative, stimulant, and check, not a good model, and a still worse oracle.
He removes a burqa from a hook on his shop wall and turns it inside-out to show the crotchet panel covered with a translucent blue fabric through which many Afghan women see the world.
He preferred the surrounding Luxembourg Gardens to the other royal parks because they were not so trimly arranged; also for their ancient forest-trees, the descendants of which still crotchet and dapple its walks with their summer shadows.
I am in a daily treadmill of letter-writing, for every man having a crotchet upon finance, or a grievance however trifling, is inundating me with his correspondence.
when Anna Champagne was growing up in Connecticut, her mother taught her how to knit, embroider and crotchet.
One academic epitomized the established attitude among our liberal elites when she expressed the hope that the United States would "never again be culturally 'united" if united means 'unified' in beliefs and practices:' Nor is this merely an academic crotchet.
She will not remain orbed in a thought, but rushes into persons; and when each person, inflamed to a fury of personality, would conquer all things to his poor crotchet, she raises up against him another person, and by many persons incarnates again a sort of whole.
Alexander GE, Crotchet MD: Functional architecture of basal ganglia circuits: Neural substances of parallel processing.
Maybe it's the sawed-off crotchet needle that they slip into the body of the device that discourages writing on the screen or the fear that you'll scratch up the surface.
Instead, in the absence of any other early eighteenth-century London productions he gives us an account of Leveridge's Comic Masque of Pyramus and Thisbe with its characters Semibreve, Crotchet, and Gamut discussing the excesses of Italian Opera, possibly further from the text of Shakespeare than any straight-forward translation.