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Synonyms for crotch


Synonyms for crotch

the region of the angle formed by the junction of two branches


the angle formed by the inner sides of the legs where they join the human trunk

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Many commercial patterns have crotch curves designed to fit a medium-size derriere.
At the end of the clip, Kylie casually places her left hand on her crotch just like Miley Cyrus or Rihanna do in their music videos.
I will still find pounds 130 a lot of money to pay, but that's all I deserved for forgetting the crotch strap.
Now that much of the original lecture can be read, it appears that while Crotch was critical enough of The Creation on other grounds, the faults he found were not always the ones Burney expected.
Fifth place was a two-way tie between two similar bands, the Fairfield High band and Crotch Rot.
Slip the rail into the leg assemblies; turn the sawhorse over, position the crotch blocks (they won't touch the rail), then drill bolt holes all the way through with a 1/2-inch bit.
Miley showed her crotch most of the time and her butt while she "twerked" with her onstage dancers.
not only settle for the cliches and the crotch jokes, but they're painfully undecided about whose story they want to tell.
enables us to attack either of our opponent's legs with a high crotch move involving a single penetration step -- either inside (as shown in Photo 4) or outside (Photo 9) the opponent.
It is not polite to speak of the crotch of the question.
A] An accurate crotch curve is the first step in creating comfortable and well-fitting pants.
Super Bowl XLVII is known for Beyonce Knowles outstanding half time performance and off course for her crotch reveal.
2 ( ANI ): US comedian Kathy Griffin, who dropped the F-bomb in 2009 and tried to strip down to her underwear last year, outdid herself on News Year's eve, by referring to news presenter Anderson Cooper's crotch on air and later attempted to simulate oral sex on him.
I'I've ju 'I'I'' j ustust I just r d h l f m t read the from letter tegw neaguy the girl who kneed a guy in his crotch for trying to in hi crotch f r tryi g to force a sexual of rce her into act.
The advertisement for the Transamerica DVD release in the May 23 issue of The Advocate, featuring a nude muscular male physique clutching the DVD with Felicity's face to his crotch, framed by "Anatomically incorrect" and "Life can change a man," shows a complete lack of understanding of the movie, its characters, or its message.