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any of various plants of the genus Crotalaria having inflated pods within which the seeds rattle

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Crotalaria juncea, known as sunn or sunn hemp, is a tropical Asian plant of the legume family (Fabaceae).
For an outdoor test, Lim set out cages of scent-releasing females in patches of Crotalaria in Florida and recorded the number of females that alighted nearby to mate.
droserifolia 2 Zilla spinosa 3 Citrullus colocynthis 4 Fagonia cretica 5 Zizphus spina- christi 6 Aerva javanica 7 Bassia eriophora 8 Cornulaca monacantha 9 Haloxylon salicornicum 10 Salsola imbricata 11 Acacia ehrenbergiana 12 Acacia gerrardii 13 Acacia tortolis 14 Logonychium farctum 15 Alhagi mannifera 16 Alhagi maurorum 17 Rhynchosia minima 18 Crotalaria aculeate 19 Tephrosia uniflora 20 Rhazia stricta 21 Calotropis procera 22 Hyoscymus muticus 23 Lycium barbarum 24 Convolvulus lanatus 25 Heliotropium bacciferum 26 Heliotropium digynum 27 Heliotropium europium 28 Echinops husoni 29 Phaeopappus scoparius 30 Rhanterium epapposum 31 Panicum Monocots turgidum 32 Pennisetum divisum 33 Cyperus conglomeratus No.
In 1901, GA Keartland exhibited a pair of sandals, woven from the bark of Crotalaria cunninghamii, at the Victorian Naturalists Club (Anon.
Development of Crotalaria pulmonary hypertension: hemodynamic and structural study.
2] was also in Cassia seedlings [23], in Crotalaria juncea [24], in Pea [25] and in peanut seedling [6], probably as a result of induced superoxide dismutase activity during the treatment [26].
In Jul 2007, the area was previously cultivated with a mixture of green manures (seeds obtained from the local market): Crotalaria juncea L.
Disrupted cuticle was observed in Bauhinia curvula, Hymenaea courbaril, Caesalpinia echinata, Parkia pendula, Inga congesta, Taralea oppositifolia and Crotalaria lanceolata by means of slits (Fig.
The highest concentration of calcium was found in the leaves of Acalypha bipartitae followed by Amaranthus graecizans, Solanum nigrum, Crotalaria ochroleuca, Crotalaria brevidens and Corchorus olitorius in that order (Table 4).
O delineamento experimental empregado foi o de blocos casualizados, com quatro repeticoes, em arranjo fatorial 2x6, sendo duas profundidades de amostragem de solo (0-10 e 10-20 cm) e seis tipos de cobertura vegetal sobre o solo (mucuna ana, crotalaria juncea, capim moa, milheto e pe-de-galinha, alem de um mix de todas as especies).
a 2 Fagonia cretica 3 Zizphus spina- christi 4 Aellenia subaphylla 5 Acacia ehrenbergiana 6 Acacia raddiana 7 Crotalaria aculeate 8 Tephrosia uniflora 9 Lycium barbarum 10 Lycium shawii 11 Phaeopappus scoparius No.
Chrysoperla externa (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) and Utetheisa ornatrix (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) on organically grown Crotalaria juncea (Fabaceae).
Merr), and crotalaria (Crotalaria spectabilis, Roth), observed no significant effect on corn yield in the first year, but in the second year, the corn yield was significantly higher when the intercropping had been with jack bean.
Seven leguminous cover crops, including Calopogonium caeruleum, Pueraria phaseoloides, Stylosanthes gracilis, Chamaecrista rotundifolia, Crotalaria retusa, Tephrosia candida, and Flemingia congesta were planted in 1999 in two plots each.