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any of various plants of the genus Crotalaria having inflated pods within which the seeds rattle

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Pyrrolizidine alkaloid-containing toxic plants (Senecio, Crotalaria, Cynoglossum, Amsinckia, Heliotropium and Echium sp.
In the LV-BR and LV-BR farms, in the winter season, the land is left fallow and occasionally cultivated with wheat; and in the LV-PG, besides com and soybean, the crop rotation system includes a wide range of green manures species (Crotalaria breviflora, Crotalaria juncea, Cajanus cajan, Mucuna deeringiana and Pennisetum glaucum, in the summer, and wheat, black oats, rye and vetch, in the winter).
Decomposicao e mineralizacao do nitrogenio proveniente do adubo verde Crotalaria juncea.
Assessment of neurotoxicity of monocrotaline, an alkaloid extracted from Crotalaria retusa in astrocyte/neuron co-culture system, Neurotoxicol 32 (6), 776-784.
Tomato, cabbage, crotalaria, beans, corn, kale, potato and pea are plants that favour the development of the fungus, whereas soybean, wheat, sorghum, aubergine and okra are plants that do not permit satisfactory development in the rhizosphere (MANZANILLA-LOPEZ et al.
Crotalaria retusa (pois rond marron) is naturalised on Reunion and may have been consumed by maroons.
2 6 Oplismenus burmannii 21 12 Duranta obtusifolia 22 Cupania americana 27 Casearia arborea 28 Sapindus saponaria 44 Mucuna pruriens 45 Hyptis mutabilis 47 Crotalaria nitens 49 Synedrella nodiflora 56 Ficus obtusifolia 82 Capsicum annuum 101 Polygala asperuloides 109 Erythroxylum haughtii 112 Anemia sp.
Planting material consists of maize seed varieties LAMURU, organic matter of plant Crotalaria sp, urea, TSP, KCl.
2] The genus Crotalaria (Fabaceae) has 300 species worldwide with only eighteen species are found in India.
Arthur Town/ January (Combretaceae) Cat Island 4, 1932 Crotalaria pumila Ortega Gun Point/Eleuthera January (Fabaceae) 11, 1932 Croton eluteria (L.