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a puzzle in which words corresponding to numbered clues are to be found and written in to squares in the puzzle


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Mr Sharma, along with his brother Harsh and business associate Helen Lees, teamed up with a printing firm to produce the first Skips 11+ Crossword Puzzles book, which follows Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum and focuses on grammar, sentence construction and verbal reasoning.
In my years of solving crossword puzzles, I've learned the common but obscure words (like eli and aloe) that populate crossword puzzles, discovered how to draw on tense and syntax to read trick clues, discerned the indicators of a puzzle gimmick.
The crossword puzzle exercises were provided to students in three sections of an introductory business information systems course totaling ninety two students.
Pediatric/neonatal critical care respiratory crossword puzzle.
Crossword puzzle solving has generated an entire body of literature on the Web.
According to Arnot (1981), today 99% of the world's daily newspapers and 677 Sunday newspapers in the United States carry crossword puzzle, and the number of regular solvers is counted in the millions.
At the core of the movie lies the 28th annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, a collegial affair populated by a collection of intelligent eccentrics who look like nerds but think like middle linebackers.
that you still walk, talk, read, go to church, pay your bills, understand your medications, and work the crossword puzzle.
If you have the game try to arrange the tiles as shown, or solve it like a crossword puzzle, then send your numbered answers, by August 1st, to: "Solve it" c/o the editor, see details on page two.
Despite a daily, strictly medicinal dose of the New York Times crossword puzzle, I do often draw huge, honking blank holes of memory.
Berrou likens the code to a crossword puzzle in which one would-be solver receives the "across" clues and another receives the "down" clues.
It is the weekend of the twenty-seventh annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in Stamford, Connecticut, and 479 competitors will eventually arrive to test their word skills and catch up socially with old friends.
Lieu tenant Wickman weaves special Air Force clues into the usual elements of a crossword puzzle.
The first crossword puzzle was compiled by Liverpool-born Arthur Wynne, who worked in the tricks and jokes department of the New York World newspaper.
The newsletter, which is well written and professionally produced, features inspiring stories; profiles of accomplished women (called "Trail Blazers"); letters from subscribers from around the world; recommended reading; some poetry; a crossword puzzle (1 Down, for example: "The nutrient used for building, maintaining and repairing your muscles.